The Marysville School District currently has a vacancy for one of their board member positions, however the current application deadline may be pushed back due to the coronavirus.

"We've put out an application online," said Jodi Runyon, director of engagement and outreach for the Marysville School District.

Those applications were originally scheduled to be due March 27.

"With everything happening right now, I don't know if that will be the final deadline or if it will be extended," she said.

The school district has been busy planning a number of programs in the wake of school closures because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Most staff have been working to put together meal programs, childcare and other work for district staff.

"The board of directors is working on forming a community subcommittee," said Runyon, and that committee will look at the applications, "and determine which of them they will move forward for a public interview process."

That process was originally planned to conclude at the April board meeting with a new appointment.

"But with everything up in the air it may not happen in April," said Runyon, who added at this point it looks as if the April school board meeting will be canceled.

The board member position is open after Tom Albright resigned due to health reasons in February.

He served District 5, which is in the Sunnyside and Allen Creek area. Any applicants will also have to reside in that area.

"The best way to confirm that is to call the county and verify your address is in the boundary," said Runyon.

A map of the director districts is also available at the School District website at

"School board members or directors are elected officials who serve as the governing board for the district," said Runyon.

The three biggest duties for the school board are typically hiring superintendents, setting policy and approving the budget, she said.

"They also serve as representatives for their constituency," she said.

Runyon encourages those who want to help their schools and community to apply for the position.

"The application process is open and we hope that people who are passionate about local schools will apply," she said.

She also hopes that a variety of different people apply for the role.

"We have a very diverse population in our school district and it would be great if the school board reflects our population of students … all are welcome to apply of course," she said.

More information about the vacancy is available at


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