The Ebey Waterfront Trail on May 21.


Marysville residents will be able to search around the Ebey Waterfront Trail as part of the city’s next scavenger hunt event.

Participants will be able to sign up for $5 per family and receive clues to use around the downtown trail from June 3 to 21.

The clues will relate to specific types of plants or finding some of the interpretive signs that are in the area.

Clues will take families to both the west and east ends of the breach, which are not currently connected.

The west entrance to the trail is in downtown Marysville at Ebey Waterfront Park, while eastside entrances are in the Sunnyside neighborhood.

“We have been wanting to provide an opportunity for community members to get out of their homes,” said Andrea Kingsford, recreation coordinator with the city of Marysville.

“This one is really nice because it will feature the Ebey Waterfront Trail,” she said, “and hopefully they can learn about their surroundings.”

The trail runs along the Qwuloolt Estuary, which was only recently restored after it had been farmland for decades.

“The levees were breached in 2015 which brought the estuary back to what it once was,” said Kingsford.

Many of the wildlife and native plants have begun returning to the wetland area.

“I was just on the trail a couple of days ago and I saw two herons that were just majestic,” said Kingsford. “This is such a beautiful time on the trail."

Marysville also opened up the new Olympic View Park this May, which is a stop along the trail.

Participants are emailed clues and can send photos of their clues to the Marysville parks department.

“When people complete the scavenger hunt they can turn in photos of their completed clues and be entered into a drawing to win a prize,” said Kingsford.

Prizes will be gift baskets focused on outdoor recreation items.

To encourage community members to get outside and around the community this year, while remaining safe with the coronavirus pandemic restrictions, the city has held two other scavenger hunts this year, one around Easter and one around Valentine’s Day.

“The first two scavenger hunts went really well,” said Kingsford. “They have both been well appreciated and we got a large number of comments about families enjoying them."

She said she appreciated everyone who has supported the events so far.

“Thank you to the community members,” she said.

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