Firefighters throughout north Snohomish County will drive holiday-decorated fire engines to collect food and donations for local food banks during the annual Santa Runs that takes place in mid-December. Santa Runs will take place in the Tulalip and Arlington areas. 

Firefighters for the Tulalip Bay Fire Departmentwill tentatively visit neighborhoods on Dec. 17 and 18 to collect food and other donations for the Tulalip Church of God. 

On Dec. 17, firefighters are scheduled to visit Madison Estates, Tulare, Spee-Bi-Dah, Tulalip Shores, 83rd Place Northwest, and Hermosa Beach. 

On Dec. 18, firefighters are scheduled to visit 43rd Street Northwest, Potlatch, 56th-52nd, Y Site, Mission, Lower Projects, Walter Moses/28th Site, Ezra Hatch/Larry Price, and Mission Highlands. 

Schedule is tentative and updates can be found at the Tulalip Bay Fire Department’s Facebook page. 

North County Fire and EMS will hold its Santa Run between Arlington and Stanwood starting Friday, Dec. 3, and going through Dec. 14. The Santa Run starts at 5:30 p.m. on weeknights and 5 p.m. on weekend nights. 

Tentatively, North County Fire/EMS firefighters are scheduled to visit following neighborhoods:

  • Friday, Dec. 3 – downtown Arlington
  • Saturday, Dec. 4 – downtown Arlington
  • Sunday, Dec. 5 – 188th/Highland
  • Monday, Dec. 6 – Arlington Smokey Point
  • Tuesday, Dec. 7 – Arlington River Crescent
  • Wednesday, Dec. 8 – Arlington Crown Ridge
  • Thursday, Dec. 9 – Arlington Highland View Crossing
  • Friday, Dec. 10 – Arlington Glen Eagle east and west
  • Saturday, Dec. 11 – Bryant Kackman
  • Saturday, Dec. 12 – Warm Beach/Kayak Estates
  • Monday, Dec. 13 – downtown Stanwood North/East Cedarhome
  • Tuesday, Dec. 14 – downtown Stanwood Church Creek South/West
  • Santa Runs in Arlington neighborhoods start from Station 48, Bryant neighborhoods start from Station 90, Warm Beach neighborhoods start from Station 97 and Stanwood neighborhoods start from Station 99.  

Food and donations collected through the North County Fire/EMS will go to community food banks in Arlington and Stanwood. 


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