Kayley Middlemist, left, and Isabella Wayne look at some of the rocks available for sell at the Marysville Rock and Gem Show on Oct. 5.


Locals brought their quartz, amethyst and other rocks and gems out to display at the annual Marysville Rock and Gem Show.

This year's show was held Oct. 5-6 at Marysville Totem Middle School.

"We're having a gem show and showing rocks and gems and jewelry," said Bill Moser, president of the Marysville Rock and Gem Club, which put on the show.

"We put it on because we like everyone to see what we do and it gives a chance for everybody around to get supplies and see what other people are doing," said Moser.

In addition to displaying their rocks, gems and jewelry, many people enjoy the show as a chance to pick up supplies or talk with people.

"It's a great place to find material," said local Rod Vonthun.

"People like being able to get what they need," said Moser.

Moser said he enjoys watching people look through the rocks to find what they want. "I like seeing people walk out with full bags and smiles," he said.

In addition to the static displays there are some kids activities. Rock painting and other activities are provided by the Marysville Rock and Gem Club. 

"I like seeing kids crack the geodes. When the pop the geodes open and they look ugly on the outside but they're all sparkly on the inside," said Moser.

Erin Middlemist was there with her daughter and her friend this year.

"The show is good, they enjoy it," she said. "I came here last year and I enjoyed it. I like to collect rock."

There are many rock enthusiasts at the event showing their craft as well, including the best ways to make jewelry out of rocks.

"I like making jewelry," Moser said. "Taking nothing and making something out of it. I think that's why a lot of people like doing it."

The Marysville Rock and Gem Club is a group for local rock enthusiasts that meets frequently to organize events and their annual show.

"We get together once a month and we hold meetings at the United Methodist Church on 64th Street," said Moser.

"We go out and collect rocks. We put on this show. We help the food bank. We teach silver-smithing and we tried to teach lapidary [engraving, cutting, polishing stones and gems]," he said.

More information about the local club is available at

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