Kelly Richards


Kelly Richards will be the newest Marysville City Council member and hopes to keep the city moving in a positive direction.

The election is not certified yet but Richards leads with 52.18 percent of the vote for the vacant city council seat.

Richards has been a Marysville resident since 2004 and has spent seven years on the city’s planning commission.

“Being on city council is something that I have thought about for a number of years,” said Richards.

“I’ve been on the planning commission for a while and I’ve seen the city council and thought ‘that’s something I could do,’” he said.

He decided to campaign for the empty seat that was available this election.

“When I heard that Rob Toyer was leaving his seat I thought it was a good time to try and run,” he said.

Toyer left the seat to make a campaign for Snohomish County Treasurer.

Richards said he wanted to be on the city council to help Marysville.

“I care about our community,” he said. “I have always been community involved.”

Richards has been involved with the local Rotary Club, helping to run the Rotary Pumpkin Patch for a number of years.

He is also a former PTA president and a former member of the 10th Street Music Boosters and M-PHS Music Boosters.

“I have been involved with Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts with my kids,” he said. Richards has three children currently going through Marysville schools.

In terms of a platform, Richards said he hopes to “keep the city moving in the direction that it is going,” he said. “I’d like to see continued slow, steady growth.”

He is in favor of supporting more manufacturing jobs for the area.

“It will be nice if get the Cascade Industrial Center going,” so that there will be quality jobs in Marysville and less people will have to commute, he said.

For the future, Richards also wants there to be a continued focus on transportation projects to ease some of the congestion that exists around the city.

“I hope funding will still be available for the 156th Street overpass interchange,” which will help with traffic on the north end of the city, said Richards.

He encourages everyone to come together to work on the city’s problems.

“I think it is everyone’s responsibility to help the city be what they want it to be,” said Richards. “If there is something you don’t like, let’s work together to find solutions.”

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