The Marysville Police Department is still searching for a suspect in a fatal Feb. 26 hit and run and are seeking the public's help with information.

Through surveillance video local police officers have identified three people they believe witnessed the vehicular homicide.

“These persons are not considered suspects in this case; detectives would simply like to speak with them about their proximity to the accident scene,” according to Marysville Police Sergeant Pete Shove.

The investigation is still ongoing.

“Our investigation is still continuing,” said Marysville Police Commander Mark Thomas. “We continue to ask the public for any assistance they can offer."

Police officers are still working on the case.

“We have some leads that we are still following up on and working through,” said Thomas.

The vehicular homicide occurred on Feb. 16.

Matthew Colson, a 24-year-old Marysville resident, was walking westbound and attempted crossing from the south side of 64th Street to the north side near 58th Drive.

“A vehicle traveling westbound on 64th Street collided with Matt. They did not stop after the collision and continued to drive westbound,” said Thomas.

Emergency services picked up Colson shortly after the collision.

“It was obvious to first responders that Matt’s situation was critical when they got onto the scene,” said Thomas.

Colson passed away the next day.

Marysville police officer’s investigation was aided by some security cameras.

“Our investigation recovered some video footage from the area,” said Thomas.

If you have any information you can contact Marysville Police Detective Chris Jones at 360-363-8327.

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