Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring is encouraging individuals and community groups to clean up litter in public spaces to help beautify the community this year.

The city hopes to share before and after pictures that community members take of their work.

Submissions can be sent to

Nehring said he city of Marysville stretches from Sunnyside to Lakewood and there is simply too much space for city crews alone to do the work.

“As a city we have so many lane miles,” he said. “That is a lot of area to cover and there is no way that just city crews can pick up all that litter."

In addition, due to pandemic safety measures the state is not allowing the use of prison laborers to help clean the city.

“We have lost the ability to use Department of Corrections employees this year because of COVID-19,” said Nehring.

The city will still be hiring some temporary seasonal  workers soon, said Nehring, but it will not be enough to clean up everything in the city.

“The only way to make a huge dent in the community is to really energize people,” he said.

Community groups and residents are often looking for a way to help, said Nehring.

“I get asked all the time ‘how can we help’ by individuals or by local service clubs and I think a good option this year is to go out and clean up some litter,” he said.

There are many Marysville residents who enjoy helping out when they can.

“We’ve got a giving and volunteer-oriented community and this is an area that would make a big impact,” said Nehring. “The more we can get the citizens to pitch in the more we can help the city."

Beautifying the city helps everyone who comes through the community and helps residents feel better about the place they live in, he said.

“I think it helps pride in your community,” said Nehring. “When you’re driving home it just gives you that extra little pride to see a clean community."

The city needs a wide range of responses to support beautification efforts, and this is just one part of that, said Nehring.

“As the city we can take both proactive approaches, like hanging baskets and pressure washing, and reactive, like removing graffiti and litter,” he said.

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