An overhead photograph of Naval Station Everett.


May Is National Military Appreciation Month

May is Military Appreciation Month and having local military installations like Naval Station Everett and the Armed Forces Reserve Center adds to the community, say local leaders.

The naval station opened 25 years ago and the Armed Forces Reserve Center opened seven years ago in north Marysville.

“In the past quarter-century, we have opened our neighborhoods and our hearts to military members, civilian staff and their families. Military presence and participation in Marysville has made our community stronger,” said Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring.

Arlington Mayor Barbara Tolbert said her city also welcomes military members.

“I am proud to represent a community that strongly supports our military service members, our veterans, and their families,” she said.

Summer Dahozy, a Navy member who manages the recreation program at Naval Radio Station Jim Creek, said that the community has welcomed her.

"I just recently moved to Marysville and the little places I've stopped at now know me,” she said.

The stores she visits, such as the general store in Trafton, have begun to recognize her.

"The local stores really appreciate our military presence,” she said.

Tolbert wanted to thank the many community organizations that support military members.

“The city greatly appreciates having such great local community organizations such as the VFW, the American Legion, and the Arlington Community Resource Center that provide services to our military members, our veterans, and their families,” she said.

Jesse Bennett, a Navy member who is the Transition Assistance Program manager, said that military members like living in the area.

“The community here is really good in the north sound,” he said. “The Navy folk have morals and ethics that fit well into the community here."

Nehring said that military members and former military members are often active in the community.

“We appreciate our military neighbors, not only for your skills and dedication to our country’s service, but also for your participation and contributions to the Marysville community,” Nehring said.

They also help in a variety of a community projects in Arlington, said Tolbert.

“They do not just serve us from afar, but also do so right here at home, through their community service at events like the Point in Time Count, roadside and community cleanups, providing needed help to local veterans, and more,” she said.

Military members and Reserve members also help the economy with skilled workers and by going out to local small businesses.

“We’re blessed with a robust economy here as it is,” said Bennett. “But the economic impact that they provide can be huge."

Dahozy said that newly stationed military members tend to try a lot of local businesses.

"When you first get stationed at a new place a lot of people want to explore it and find what's out there,” she said. "I know that a lot of people enjoy trying out new places to eat or new businesses."

Aside from the economy, military members also provide a number of diverse perspectives for the community.

“Typically, military people and their families come from all over the country and they have been all over the country as well, and they have often lived in foreign countries as well,” said Bennett.

Tolbert wanted to thank military service members for their work.

“We thank our service members and veterans for the sacrifices they, and their families, have made,” she said.

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