Planning for the future of downtown Arlington continues this month with a meeting scheduled for Feb. 11 to present initial ideas for one of the town’s signature areas.

The city of Arlington partnered with Western Washington University beginning last fall to produce a downtown plan.

The next meeting will be held on Feb. 11, at the Haller Middle School commons at 600 E. 1st St., Arlington.

The meeting is scheduled from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Officials started the process because they hoped to create a roadmap for the direction the downtown should be headed.

“We wanted to create a downtown long-term plan that had buy-in from all the community members,” said Sarah Lopez, community revitalization project manager. “Something that would have the best feel for our downtown. We know that it is the heart of the community."

Western Washington University officials and students are helping assist with the planning process as part of a year-long course.

They held meetings and talked with many different community groups over the fall quarter.

“They have used the information they’ve gathered to prepare two different reports,” said Lopez.

One report focuses on the Centennial Trail and recreation opportunities that the city could plan for. 

A team from the school was recently on the trail to look at all the space available there for planning. “Actually they’re walking the trail today [Jan. 29],” said Lopez

“Quite a few sites have been identified as part of the plans,” she said. “They’re working on parks and trails suggestions.”

The second report is about housing and businesses in the downtown.

The two reports will have recommendations about how the city should be planning for the future of the downtown.

“They will present those two reports for the public at this meeting,” said Lopez.

“They intent to present some big early preliminary idea. So that the community can respond and they can be open for feedback,” she said.

Lopez said that the ideas were pulled from what the community has said they want in recent meetings and surveys.

“So far it looks like the work they’ve done is in line with what the public was thinking during the fall meetings,” she said.

More updates about the downtown corridor planning can be found at

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