Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring discussed homeless support programs, traffic projects and more at his Oct. 18 coffee klatch.

Nehring holds the community meetings regularly to field questions from Marysville residents.

The traffic around 88th Street and State Avenue was one of the topics brought up.

“We recognize that as one of the areas that needs its traffic addressed,” said Nehring.

There are other areas in the city that have traffic congestion but those have projects coming in the next few years meant to alleviate those burdens.

The 88th Street area remains difficult to improve.

“It’s a tough area to get expanded,” said Nehring, who said the cemetery nearby prevents too much road expansion.

The city is working with the Tulalip Tribes to make some improvements to traffic flow and they have already secured some funds for some projects.

“There were some funds that were passed by the legislative branch back in 2015,” said Jeff Laycock, Marysville’s director of engineering and transportation services. “That will help improve access to and from I-5."

Community members also had questions about services for homeless residents and how much Marysville can do, such as a cold weather shelter.

“In a typical city, cold weather shelters are done by a private nonprofit,” said Nehring.

Nonprofit organization LINC NW will again manage this year’s cold weather shelter with help from Generations Community Church.

“We’re searching for a more centrally located cold weather shelter,” said Nehring. 

Residents also asked about the possibility of temporary pallet shelters for Marysville.

City officials have looked into that possibility, he said, but are unable to find an adequate property for it.

He said the city is open to the possibility, but it would likely not be in a residential zone.

“It’s possible we will find a good location for a pallet shelter or tiny homes,” he said.

Marysville staff has decided to focus on emergency housing shelters, which are small residential properties the city uses to help house homeless individuals temporarily.

“Essentially we’ve bought houses,” said Nehring. “The council just authorized another one. These are places an individual can have their own room and the oversight of the Everett Gospel Mission."

One of the biggest roadblocks for homeless individuals remains what happens after that emergency shelter.

“It’s hard for people after temporary shelter to find more long-term shelter, especially with the cost of housing,” said Nehring.

Local residents also had questions about the city’s work preparing for disasters.

Smaller cities in the county work through the county’s Department of Emergency Management, but Marysville was able to hire their own in-house department a few years ago.

“We think it is a very valuable asset for our community and I just got an update on our 2022 community connection efforts,” said Gloria Hirashima, chief administrative officer with the city of Marysville.

The department has connected with many locals over the last year, gone out to 42 different events and initiated the Marysville Ready Business program to help prepare businesses.

After the Ken Baxter Community Center was demolished, some were wondering when its replacement would open as well.

“The new community center will be the old courthouse,” said Nehring. 

The facility is at 1049 State Ave., Marysville.

“We are hoping to move in sometime in December,” and be open to the public shortly after that, said Tara Mizell, director of Marysville’s Parks, Culture and Recreation Department.

Marysville officials say  the new building will be an improvement over the old community center.

“We’re refurbishing it and doing a little work on it now. There will be a lot more space and more room for programs there,” said Nehring.


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