A concept drawing of what the Marysville Civic Center could look like once completed.


Marysville began to implement some of their bigger picture ideas last year and hopes to continue this year according to Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring.

“I think that last year was a very good year for the city of Marysville,” he said.

“We are transitioning from planning some big plans to really beginning to execute some of those plans,” he said.

Transportation continues to be a big need for the city and work has begun on major projects now.

“We’re really excited about getting some major transportation projects underway,” said Nehring.

The First Street Bypass project would extend First Street to the Sunnyside neighborhood and provide another major east-west traffic corridor in the city.

Construction began last year for that project and continues this year.

State Avenue will be expanded to five lanes for the entire city as a bottleneck around 100th Street gets expanded and a culvert replaced with a bridge this year with work that has now begun.

The I-5/SR 529 interchange is also almost beginning as the first stages of construction are scheduled for late in 2020.

“When we got that money it seemed like it was quite a ways away and now we’re right on the doorstep,” said Nehring.

Public safety continues to be a priority for the city.

“In the public safety arena we have seen some successes in reducing crime,” said Nehring. “When I doorbelled when I was campaigning last year I heard a lot of people that were excited about the progress about improving crime rates and getting those people off the streets."

Throughout the first year and a half of the Embedded Social Worker program, social workers have helped local homeless people with drug abuse problems.

About 100 people got into treatment in Marysville as a result, said Nehring.

“It was so successful that we really wanted to continue that,” he said. 

At the end of 2019 the City Council authorized the city to fund a full-time officer for that program. Previously the city had been sharing with the county. 

The city will continue police enforcement for those who are reluctant to cooperate with social workers, said Nehring.

“With those who refused help we’ve taken a more criminal enforcement approach,” he said. The city plans to hire more police officers this year as well.

The police will also be receiving a new jail and public safety building soon.

“We went out to bid for our new public safety building and civic center that was approved by the voters,” said Nehring.

Construction is scheduled to being this year for that project, he said.

“We’re excited about how that will help revitalize the downtown area,” said Nehring.

In addition to being a jail and police station, the civic center will provide a new city hall and senior community center located near Comeford Park.

City staff continue work on the Cascade Industrial Center which they hope will expand the job base of the city.

“We really got through more of the planning work with the Cascade Industrial Center,” said Nehring.

The north Marysville area is largely vacant property right now, but city staff hope manufacturing jobs will be attracted to the area.

“We received the manufacturing-industrial designation this June,” said Nehring, which will help bring in federal funding for more infrastructure to help those businesses.

Nehring said that 2019 was a good year for the city and he hopes to continue that this year.

“I wish everyone a happy New Year and look forward to what we’ll be able to do in 2020,” he said.

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