Two of Marysville’s potential designs for what 88th Street could look like in the future.

The city of Marysville is planning some improvements for the 88th Street corridor and hopes to gather public input with a public survey that was recently released.

The survey at www.surveymonkey.com/r/88thCorridor provides a few options of possibilities for the street.

“On that section of 88th Street between State [Avenue] and 67th Avenue, we want to widen it from two lanes to three lanes,” said Connie Mennie, communications administrator with the city of Marysville.

The center lane would be a two-way left-turn lane.

The city may also be putting in bike lanes and sidewalk improvements to better assist pedestrians who use the street.

“We want to improve conditions for people who are walking or biking in the area,” said Mennie.

Because of the schools on the street, the corridor can have a lot of pedestrians at times.

“There are two elementary schools and a middle school in that corridor so there are many people that are using that section of 88th Street,” said Mennie.

The city has funding secured to pay for the design of the project and is considering what direction the project should go in.

“We want to have some of the locals look at some of the design concepts that we are considering,” said Mennie.

“The plan is to use the results to inform the design of the project,” she said.

For example, bike lanes could be part of the sidewalk or they could be part of the road and the design would decide exactly how to situate those.

The city is hoping to get input from residents who live in the area, pedestrians who use the street to get around, and drivers who may pass through the corridor often.

“It’s a corridor that many people use who are coming down from the east side and trying to get to the highway, so we want to hear from those people as well,” said Mennie.

City officials also hope to hear from people who think they could be potential pedestrians in the area if the street received improvements.

“Part of the road has sidewalks and part of it doesn’t,” said Mennie. “It may be that people would be more comfortable walking there once the corridor is improved."

The 88th Street project design work was funded with a $2.85 million matching grant from Snohomish County, which requires an equal amount of money put in by the city.

Currently the Puget Sound Regional Council has provided $1.24 million in grant funding to for right-of-way acquisition, however the project will need more funding sources in addition to that to be completed.

The actual construction is likely a ways out from now.

“We’re trying to make all the improvements on the existing roadway,” said Mennie, however some of the designs under consideration would require the purchasing of some small parts of property along the street.

“That process can take some time,” she said.

The survey at www.surveymonkey.com/r/88thCorridor is scheduled to close on Feb. 10.

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