Organizers of Marysville's school supply drive are hoping for more donations to come in as incoming supplies are having trouble meeting demand.

"It's a challenging year for parents and kids," said Christie Veley, one of the organizers of the annual school supply drive.

The annual school supply drive collects from the community and typically distributes those supplies in late August.

Last year there were about 600 families that received help.

"I do know that right now we have over 500 kids that are signed up for supplies," said Veley.

"We're still several weeks away from the planned distribution," she said, "so they are likely going to over last year's numbers, and possibly well over."

The COVID-19 pandemic makes gathering supplies and planning what will be needed difficult.

"We anticipated there would be a higher need for school supplies this year and did what we could to plan for that," said Veley. "What we couldn't plan for is the donations being so low," she said.

The drive's organizers have reduced their requested list of supplies because of school uncertainty.

"We don't yet know whether it is going to be virtual, or if kids are going to be in the classroom, or if it is going to be a little bit of both," said Veley.

So they are trying to gather items that will be relevant even if students are distance learning at home like they were last spring.

"It's going to be a little bit different if there is a lot of learning not in the classroom," said Veley.

Those items include basics like pens, pencils and paper.

"We simplified the list of supplies we were hoping to collect for the families," said Veley.

Donations can be dropped off at a number of locations throughout the community including the Marysville Salvation Army, Staples, Big Lots, Rite Aid, Allen Creek Family Dentistry, Heritage Bank, the Marysville Fire District administration building at 1094 Cedar Ave. or the Marysville School District Service Center at 4220 80th St. NE.

Direct monetary donations are also accepted and can be submitted at

"Any supplies we can provide that can help alleviate the stress of families is helpful," said Veley. "We know it is hard for everyone right now, but we're asking if there is anything you can give to help, no matter how small, it will help us."

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