Grove Street will be closed at night in order for a soil study to be conducted regarding a potential overcrossing that would take traffic over the railroad.


Marysville’s Grove Street will be closed through Dec. 14 during the night as workers study the ground for a potential railroad overcrossing.

The work will take place from 7:30 p.m. to 4 a.m., Sunday through Thursday nights.

The project may be completed before Dec. 14.

Marysville officials hope to build an overcrossing at Grove Street as they say it is the most feasible way for local traffic to get over a train.

City staff have been looking at how to get drivers over an at-grade crossing for the last few years.

“We did a grade-separation study in 2015 looking at the possibilities of what we can do to get over the tracks,” said Kevin Nielsen, Public Works director for the city of Marysville. “This overcrossing was the most feasible."

Other roads like Fourth Street or 88th Street are prohibitively expensive or there is not enough room to make an overcrossing, said Nielsen.

“If you look at Fourth Street you have all these businesses that a crossing would cut off access to,” he said.

Legally the city cannot cut off that public access without purchasing the land of the business, which would make any overcrossing there cost much more.

Some roads also won’t work for an overcrossing “because the geometry doesn’t work out,” said Nielsen.

Roads cannot exceed a certain grade and therefore an overcrossing would need enough space on both sides to raise the roadway above a train.

“The Grove Street overcrossing is the only one where it really fits,” said Nielsen.

City staff hope that the project can help relieve traffic and other concerns about trains which cut off portions of the city from each other.

“We’re looking for a long-term regional solution to the trains,” said Nielsen.

“Emergency vehicles are the big issue, but it would also be good for the public as well,” he said.

Vehicles like ambulances can be cut off from certain sections of the city when a train is making its way through the city, which could be a problem for people having a medical emergency in those areas.

Marysville officials are beginning the process to make the overcrossing happen. Although there is still a long way to go they have received funding to design the project. The road closures are part of that design work.

“We’re in the preliminary phase of doing design work, so what we’re doing now is checking the soil conditions to see what kind of structure we would need to build,” said Nielsen.

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