Apply by Nov. 13 for CDBG-funded Marysville CARES grants

Applications are now open for a fall round of two separate Marysville CARES grant funds. One is for public service activities that prepare, prevent and respond to the spread of infectious disease such as COVID-19. The other is for low-income small businesses (microenterprise, five or fewer employees) that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 pandemic. The deadline to apply is 4 p.m. Friday, Nov. 13.

COVID-19 Public Service Grant

The city is making at total of up to $100,000 available for infectious disease prevention and response. Eligible activities include:

• Testing, diagnosis or other services;

• Equipment, supplies and materials;

• Meal delivery to quarantined or medically vulnerable populations;

• Emergency rental/mortgage assistance for those financially harmed due to COVID-19.

Find more eligibility details and the application form at

COVID-19 Small Business Grant

Marysville small businesses with five or fewer employees, and whose owners meet HUD low-income requirements, are invited to apply Marysville CARES grants of up to $15,000 each. These grant funds may be used for existing business operating expenses such as lease or rent payments, payroll, utilities and inventory. The business owner must meet federal low-income eligibility guidelines. For example, a family of four with an annual household income of $88,250 or less would qualify.

Find more information and the application at

The city will award a total of up to $125,000. The funds allocated to Marysville through the CARES Act will not be enough to provide grants for all businesses negatively impacted, nor will it be enough to fix all of the damage sustained, but is a piece of the overall recovery. 

Funding for both of these grants is from the Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) Program, which provides annual grants to develop viable communities through decent housing and a suitable living environment, and by expanding economic opportunities, principally for low and moderate-income persons.

The city is offering technical assistance by email to those interested in applying. To request technical assistance, please contact Amy Hess, Associate Planner, at or Chris Holland, Planning Manager, at To request the application in an alternative format, please contact the Community Development department at 360-363-8100 (voice) or 800-833-6399 (TDD).

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