Marysville Fire District Finance Manager Chelsie McInnis and Human Resource Manager Joyce Savage are pictured after the district received the State Auditor’s Stewardship Award.

The Marysville Fire District has accepted the State Auditor’s Stewardship Award in honor of exemplary dedication to the audit process, which helps make government transparent and work better for the public.

The Washington State Auditor’s Office chose the fire district out of more than 2,300 public agencies audited annually in Washington, including more than 350 fire departments. Finance Manager Chelsie McInnis accepted the award on behalf of the district during the recent Washington Fire Commissioners Association conference in Yakima.

“We take great pride in being a transparent, accountable and fiscally responsible organization,” McInnis said. “Marysville Fire District is an organization that takes our role as the stewards of public monies very seriously and will continue to do so.”

The Marysville Fire District has reported clean audits for its entire 26-year history. In a letter, State Auditor Pat McCarthy commended the district on its dedication to making government work better. McCarthy specifically recognized McInnis and Marysville Fire District Human Resource Manager Joyce Savage for their support of the audit process, passion for accurate financial reporting and transparency for public benefit.

“Based on our history of interactions with the District, it is clear that management and staff want to be accountable to the citizens and good stewards of public funds,” the letter stated. “Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the citizens of Washington."

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