Gov. Jay Inslee held a live address from his office on March 23 to announce a “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order requiring every Washingtonian to stay home unless they are engaged in an essential activity. The order bans all gatherings for social, spiritual and recreational purposes and orders all businesses to close unless they are designation an essential business. You can read the governor’s announcement here. Representatives from the Governor's Office, Department of Health and Employment Security Department participated in a media availability following the Governor's announcement. 

Boeing announced today that it is suspending production operations in the Puget Sound due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Gov. Jay Inslee said he applauds the decision to close while continuing to pay workers.

Thanks to our partners at the Washington State Department of Transportation, drivers around the state are being reminded to “Stay Home. Limit Travel. Save Lives.” The VMS signs are part of a concerted effort to remind folks about the need to stay home.

The Joint Information Center will be hosting a telephone briefing with media tomorrow afternoon featuring Washington state’s newly-appointed director of Health System Response Management, Navy Vice Admiral Raquel C. Bono. This is the first of bi-weekly telephone briefings hosted by the JIC.

We continue to get many inquiries about PPE shortages, including offers of support and donations. More information on donations is available on the Department of Enterprise Services website

The Department of Health adds new guidance and resources to the DOH website daily. 

  • All translated materials are on our health education page
  • DOH posted an educational video series in American Sign Language on YouTube
  • DOH's daily blog covered staying home to conserve hospital resources and an educational tool for families.

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