Marysville Fire District employees wear pink badge shirts and pink masks in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From left, fire chief Martin McFalls, public education and information specialist Christie Veley and administrative assistant Paul DeSanctis.


The Marysville Fire District is participating in its annual tradition of pink badge shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Marysville Fire District members are again wearing pink badge T-shirts in October to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The annual tradition in the fire district helps to raise awareness and supports all the community members who have been affected by breast cancer.

"Because it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month the Marysville Fire District are wearing pink shirts and pink masks," said Christie Veley, public education and information specialist at the Marysville Fire District. "This is to help raise awareness for breast cancer and to raise funds for research, as well."

Payment for the shirts does not come from Marysville Fire District funds.

"The Marysville firefighters union provides the T-shirts," said Veley.

Some of the funds spent on the shirts and masks go toward breast cancer research and services.

"It's really an effort that is a personal decision," and all the firefighters decide for themselves to wear or not wear the shirt, said Veley.

She said nearly everyone does wear the T-shirts and it is a popular tradition within the Marysville Fire District.

"It's an issue that is important to our firefighters and their families," she said.

Local firefighters want to show their support of an issue that has a large effect on many families in the community, said Veley.

"It is something that impacts everyone in our community in some way," she said. "We know that breast cancer has a big impact and we want to show the community that we care."

Whether it is breast cancer or another kind of cancer, most individuals will be impacted themselves or have a loved one or someone they know impacted eventually, said Veley.

"It is something that nearly everyone has faced with their family and everyone has been impacted," she said.

Because of that, Marysville residents are happy to see the shirts out at the Marysville Fire District.

"I know the community has been very supportive," said Veley.

In a new twist this year Marysville firefighters have some pandemic safety gear they will also be wearing throughout the month.

"We're wearing pink face masks and that is new this year," said Veley. "As we continue to deal with the pandemic we are staying healthy and safe wherever we can and encourage others to do the same."

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