Arlington’s American Legion Post 76 leads last year's Memorial Day parade down Olympic Avenue on May 28, 2018.


This year’s Memorial Day will be observed on May 27 and the Arlington and Marysville American Legion Posts plan to hold their annual ceremonies again.

Memorial Day serves as a recognition of those who died while in the military and local American Legion Post officials say they hold events each year to recognize and remember those individuals.


The Marysville American Legion Post 178 will hold their annual ceremony at the Marysville Cemetery and also celebrate their 100th anniversary as an organization. The event begins at 11 a.m.

The Marysville-Pilchuck High School NJROTC will do a presentation of the colors and the National Anthem will be sung.

“Our chaplain will do an opening prayer and during the presentation I’ll have a few words, especially about the fact that we’re celebrating our 100th anniversary this year,” said Dan Grumbach, post commander of the Marysville American Legion Post.

“It happened in April but we’re doing the celebration in conjunction with Memorial Day,” he said.

The Marysville American Legion Auxiliary group will also give a flower presentation as part of the event.

“They have the roses, one red, one blue and one white, to present. One of the women that is going to be doing that is Ethel Cage,” said Grumbach.

Ethel is the widow of prominent Marysville community member and longtime Marysville American Legion member Ken Cage who recently passed away. “I talked to her and she wanted to do it,” said Grumbach.

Members of the Marysville American Legion plan to set up flags on Friday.

Grumbach said they hold the event to honor those who died during military service.

“It’s in memory of all the people who have passed as veterans over the years,” said Grumbach. “We’re remembering all of them with the day."


The Arlington American Legion Post 76 will hold their annual parade and ceremony at the Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day.

The parade will travel down Olympic Avenue beginning at 10 a.m.

"After the parade we go to the cemetery to hold our ceremony," said post commander Dave Marsh.

Marsh said that the Legion will work to put up to 600 flags up at the cemetery before the event.

"We do this every year because it is a tradition," said Marsh. "It's part of what the American Legion does as far as I can remember back."

Unlike some of the city's other parades, such as the Fourth of July parade, the American Legion Post organizes and puts this parade on themselves, he said.

The event also helps the American Legion post connect with Arlington residents.

"It helps us be a part of the community," said Marsh. "It brings everyone in the community together as well," as Arlington High School JROTC and other organizations and groups come down to be part of the parade.

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