The Arlington Police Department has an improved dog kennel thanks to donations from two local businesses.

The department’s dog kennels are used to house dogs that the department picks up for a variety of reasons.

“Sometimes someone calls in a stray,” said Arlington Police Department Sergeant Rory Bolter.

Usually the department takes those dogs to a shelter, but they are not always able to do so.

“The shelter we use up in Skagit County is not open 24 hours, sometimes it’s the weekend and sometimes we don’t have a spare officer to transport the dog,” he said.

The Arlington Police Department’s old dog kennel was roofed with a tarp at the Arlington Police Station, which was not always very effective shelter for any of the dogs staying there.

“It rips very easily, especially when there’s wind, and is not the best at keeping the dogs dry,” said Bolter.

Bolter called local roofing business Axis Roofing and Gutter recently to ask about putting on a new roof for the dogs there.

“I asked them how much it would cost to put a roof on the kennel,” said Bolter. “And they called me back and offered to provide the labor and supplies for the project.”

Local business Stoneway Roofing Supply also provided supplies as part of the project.

They provided metal roofing, measured and cut the wood, and reinforced the roof over five or six hours of work at the police department, said Bolter.

“And it’s legit metal roofing that will last for 10-plus years, probably outlasting the kennel itself,” said Bolter.

Bolter said that it was helpful that Axis Roofing and Gutter employees also came down to put the roof together as well. 

“We didn’t have to cover the labor of the project, so that our city employees can go out and work on other projects,” said Bolter.

As part of the new kennel they also provided some other improvements.

“They built stands for the dogs that keeps the doghouses up off the ground,” said Bolter, which make it so the dogs did not have to sleep on the ground.

Bolter said that it was a big upgrade from the previous setup for the local dogs.

“We were excited to get this project done so we don’t have to use the tarp anymore,” he said.

He said that the department is very appreciative of the help they received from the local businesses.

“We are very thankful for the supportive community,” Bolter said.

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