Local Sharon Bardue, left, gets information about some of the makeup products from Younique from representative Oralynn Reeve on Feb. 23 at the Marysville Treat Your Self Women’s Expo.


The city of Marysville held its second Treat Your Self Women’s Expo to bring together a variety of vendors for local women to visit on Feb. 23.

The event was held at the Marysville Opera House and was meant to attract a variety of local businesses that specialize in women’s products.

“The vendors are some of the best I work with. There’s a wide variety of products, information and services so there’s something for everybody,” said Joanna Martin, manager of the Ken Baxter Community Center and organizer of the event.

Local vendors there were selling bath products, skincare products, jewelry, wine, and books, and giving out information about women’s gyms, massages and other health issues like breast cancer.

“It’s great. It’s a good opportunity for women to look and shop, see and visit, and meet friends,” said local Heidi Noon.

“It’s good, you don’t have to go down to Seattle to get all the same things you would there,” said local Debi Hurd.

Martin said both last year’s and this year’s event were well-attended.

“It’s going really well, we had over 120 people in line before we opened the doors at 10 a.m.,” she said. “We had a lot of people come through the building already.”

Visitors appreciate that the Treat Your Self Women's Expo has more of a focus than some of the other markets that are held in Marysville, said Martin.

“People seem to enjoy that it is a women-focused event, so it’s something they can come with their daughters and their girlfriends,” she said. “And it’s just a fun thing to get out and do on a Saturday, especially with the weather still being cold."

The event was started by the city to help empower women and give them something that focuses on their wants.

“We created it last year as part of the ‘Great Girls Getaway’ with multiple events all on the same weekend,” said Martin.

Some of those events will return this year, however they are being spread out throughout the year.

The expo was moved to  an earlier time of the year.

“We did it in October last year and decided to bring it back, but have it be in February to space out our vendor events a bit more,” said Martin.

She expects that the event will return next year as well as it has been successful.

“More than likely we will bring it back. I don’t see a reason we wouldn’t. It’s wildly popular, there’s a waitlist of about 100 vendors waiting to get into it and the public has responded very well to it,” said Martin.

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