Marysville community members Harv Jubie, left, and Jan Jubie after being informed on June 4 that Harv has been named Grand Marshal for this year’s Strawberry Festival Grand Parade.


Longtime Marysville community member Harv Jubie will serve as this year’s Grand Marshal to the Strawberry Festival Grand Parade.

Members of Maryfest, the organization that runs the festival, announced the selection on June 4.

Jubie has served as an electrician in the city and as part of the construction community since almost immediately after he graduated from Lake Stevens High School.

He began his career in 1967 which soon brought him to Marysville.

“I like Marysville, I’ve been here a while,” said Jubie.

“Harv has been around for as long as I can remember and he’s always participated,” said Carol Kapua, a member of Maryfest.

She said that Jubie was selected as a person who has contributed a lot to Marysville.

“The criteria is: what has this person done for the community, how long have they been here and their love for the things in the community,” she said.

As part of the construction industry Jubie volunteered a lot of labor to help build some of the most important buildings in the city, such as the Marysville YMCA.

Jubie was very instrumental in helping that construction, said Kapua.

“We were the people that met with the builders every Monday morning. That was a lot of fun doing that,” said Jubie.

“They were the point people behind the installation of the building,” said Maryfest board member Jim Brennick.

The Marysville Historical Society’s Museum also received help from Jubie.

“He worked on the museum quite a lot,” said Jan Jubie, Harv’s wife. “They built a lot of the little wood storefronts that are inside the museum."

Jubie also helped with the building of the Marysville Community Food Bank and continues to volunteer there.

“We contributed money to get that building up, and we go at Christmas time and Thanksgiving to help put out the food. It’s fun to do,” Jubie said.

At a local bank, Jubie used to organize a Christmas party to gather toys during the holiday season as well.

“For years he invited all the local builder people he was friends with. They were supposed to come to the party and bring a gift for a local child,” said Jan Jubie.

“The bank is still doing it, actually. They’ve gotten their scope a little bigger as it’s not just people Harv worked with now,” she said.

Harv has also volunteered elsewhere in the city, such as helping with the Strawberry Festival or at local service clubs.

“He was always at the Strawberry Festival helping out,” said Jan Jubie.

“He’s been very active in Marysville and the Noon Rotary,” said Brennick.

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