Participants in last year’s Friendship Walk begin their one-mile walk around Legion Park on Sept. 22, 2018. From left, Florence Rider, Jeremy Carter, Joan Flescher and Allison Rider.


Village Community Services' Friendship Walk 5K and Car Wash provides a run and community event that will help fund support for local individuals with disabilities.

The event will be on Sept. 28 from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. The run will begin at the downtown Arlington Legion Park at 114 N. Olympic Avenue.

Money raised at the event goes to Voices of the Village, a band for local people with disabilities. Michelle Dietz, executive director at Village Community Services, said donations are what keep the program going.

“This is a fundraiser to provide scholarships for people with disabilities who want to be in Voices of the Village but can’t because of low-income,” said Dietz.

“Everyone in the band is low-income, but some people are very low-income,” and it becomes a barrier to participation, she said.

The main expenses for the band is their equipment and the contractor wage that the band director receives.

Voices of the Village will perform at the event.

The event includes a 5K and a one-mile run or walk.

“Several of our partners enjoy getting out and walking the trail with their friends,” said Dietz.

Runners are also encouraged to dress up as their favorite superhero as part of the event, if they so desire.

“The racers enjoy dressing up as superheroes and the enjoy the competition of running in a 5K,” said Dietz. “Either the competition of running against other runners or just trying to beat their own time."

An outside company will help time the race again this year, said Dietz.

“This is our second year of having an official time-of-race,” she said. “Both the 5K and the one-mile will be timed again."

Having a timed race helped bring a lot more runners to the event last year, said Dietz.

“We went from having three or four racers to having a little more than 50 last year,” she said. “Having a timed race is what the running community is looking for it seems like.”

There will be prizes for some of the top finishers and the times will be posted online as part of the event.

“We will have many of our sponsors there and some will be providing beverages,” said Dietz.

Those include beverage sponsors Glory Bucha Kombucha, IRG Physical & Hand Therapy and Arlington Health & Rehabilitation Center. The title sponsor of the event is HUB International.

For more information about Village Community Services go to their website at

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