More than 100 youth per day participated in a four-day soccer camp last week organized by the coaches and players of the Lakewood High School soccer teams. The camp was free of charge for youth living within the school district boundaries.


More than 100 kids in the Lakewood area spent last week playing and learning the skills to play soccer. They also had fun and got to enjoy Otter Pops too. 

The coaches and players on the boys and girls soccer teams at Lakewood High School, along with parents and family, volunteered and organized a free, four-day soccer camp for children living within the school district. 

“Everybody is looking for engagement opportunities,” said Nick Anderson, head coach for both soccer teams at Lakewood High School. 

The camp provides a chance for kids, from pre-kindergarten through elementary school, with an opportunity to connect with each other, learn some soccer skills and catch the soccer bug, Anderson said. 

The camp took place for four days at the Lakewood High School’s stadium in the mornings. 

They participated in skill exercises and enjoyed playing games. The pre-kindergarten kids also had time for other activities including a water balloon fight a tour of the high school gym and exploring a nearby trail, Anderson said.

The soccer camp also provided an educational opportunity for the high school students who are part of Lakewood’s soccer teams. 

“What’s really cool is watching high school players learning to become teachers and coaches,” Anderson said. 

Charlie English, who played for the Cougars before graduating in 2021, took time last week to help the kids before she heads to Western Washington University in the fall to major in psychology. 

“I’ve always had a ton of fun working with the kids,” English said. 

Around 135 kids attended the camp each day, Anderson said with the ages of participants being 14 years old and younger. Students enjoyed lunches and an Otter Pop during camp. 

The annual camp started five years ago with around 60 kids signing up, Anderson said. Participation increased each before COVID-19. 

Anderson said the camp went well. Not only did the kids have fun, but he’s received requests from parents about where they can sign their children up for soccer.  


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