Woodrow Williams, left, and Charlotte Williams are let inside one of the planes on display at last year's Arlington Fly-In on July 6, 2018.


Pilots and planes from around the region and the country will come to the Arlington Airport for the annual Arlington Fly-In held Aug. 16 to 18 this year.

The event provides a place for local families to see airplanes up close, witness air shows, get drone flight demonstrations and take part in other activities related to aviation and the history of flight.

The event was moved from July to August this year in an attempt to better fit the event with other local events and to reduce the amount of daylight hours.

“The big news is that we’ve changed the dates so that’s in mid-August,” said Barbara Tolbert, executive director for the Fly-In.

There were two big reasons for the change, she said.

“Those were very long hours for our volunteers who had to be here at 6 a.m. in the morning all the way through our nighttime activities that could go through midnight,” said Tolbert.

The Arlington Fly-In was typically held soon after the city’s other big event, their Fourth of July festivities.

“We were concerned about all the stress we were putting on the city staff with all the big events for Arlington in a two-week period of time,” said Tolbert.

It was difficult getting suppliers for the Fly-In as well when so many Fourth of July events were already working with them in July.

“This will smooth it out a little and give everyone some breathing room,” said Tolbert.

The event is meant to help community members connect with aviation.

“Our mission is to provide aviation education, and entertainment for the public,” said Tolbert.

All of the traditional parts of the Arlington Fly-In will return this year, including air shows on Aug. 16 at around 7 p.m., and on Aug. 17 at around 2 p.m.

The Runway Theater will show “Spirit of St. Louis” on Aug. 16 and “First Man” on Aug. 17 once the sky gets darks enough.

Because drones are how many young people connect to aviation now, many of the drone activities will be back from last year, said Tolbert.

“One of the exciting things for this year is that we’re bringing back the drone light show,” she said.

On Saturday there will also be drone races in the drone cage.

“There will be beginning drone areas as well, where people who have never tried it before can learn,” said Tolbert.

The nighttime balloon glow also returns from last year, but this year’s balloons will be a little different.

“We’re changing up the balloon glow with some special shaped balloons this year,” said Tolbert.

Kids activities and food vendors are also scheduled for the event as well.

“We’ll have the bouncy houses and all the other things they can do,” said Tolbert.

“People can get some good old festival food and be entertained,” she said.

Entrance to the event costs $17 per carload. Kids 15 and younger can enter the event for free as well.

More information about the Arlington Fly-In is available at

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