Darin Reid was appointed to the position of Community Resource Paramedic in February 2019 by North County Fire & EMS. Paramedic.


The city of Arlington Fire Department and North County Fire & EMS have announced a partnership to launch a Community Resource Paramedic program.

The Community Resource Paramedic program will be bridging a gap between the patients firefighters see regularly and the community services that already exist to help meet their needs. Through a contract with the city of Arlington, North County Fire & EMS will be providing the service to the area both agencies serve.

Firefighters from Arlington and North County Fire can use the Community Resource Paramedic service to keep paramedic units available for higher risk emergency responses and promote emergency department diversion. The program is designed to work with people released from hospitals to keep them from needing a return trip, connect residents with the more than 50 social service agencies that can provide medical and non-medical assistance, remove barriers to health care services, and assist the law enforcement embedded social worker teams. Community Resource Paramedic programs are typically less costly and more effective in meeting the true needs of patients that make multiple calls to 911 for services or multiple trips to the emergency room for non-emergency health care needs.

Darin Reid was appointed to the position of Community Resource Paramedic in February 2019 by North County Fire & EMS. Paramedic Reid has 33 years of experience in the fire service, primarily in Clark, Island and Snohomish counties. His last position before joining North County Fire & EMS was as a shift Battalion Chief for North Tucson’s Mountain Vista Fire District. There he assisted in transitioning a private fire department into a county fire district. He previously served as a Federal Contractor in Afghanistan for the U.S. State Department and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as a clinical and tactical paramedic and a Chief Fire Officer for the Stanwood-Camano Fire Departments, where he designed and implemented their Medic One Program. Reid also served on the Snohomish County EMS Council and on the Executive Board for the North Regions EMS Trauma and Casualty Care Council. Paramedic Reid has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Administration from Eastern Oregon University and is a graduate of the National Fire Academy, Executive Fire Officer Program with an Outstanding Achievement award. He is accredited as a Chief Fire Office and Chief Emergency Medical Services Officer through the Center for Public Safety Excellence. He was formally sworn in at the Feb. 13, 2019, North County Fire & EMS Board of Commissioners Meeting.

North County Fire and EMS Chief John Cermak stated, “We are excited to bring this new service to the residents of North County and Arlington that has proven to improve patient care and connect patients to the services they truly need.”

Arlington Fire Chief Dave Kraski said, “The Community Paramedic program has reduced emergency service costs for taxpayers in other nearby communities. We are optimistic that the program will have the same results here.”

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