Marysville Eagle Scout and Marysville-Pilchuck High School student Lee Hall in front of the shelves he built for the Marysville Strawberry Festival offices.


Local Eagle Scout Lee Hall built and installed multiple shelves for the new Strawberry Festival office in downtown Marysville for his Eagle Scout project this summer.

“I built three shelves for the Strawberry Festival to help with their storage,” said Hall.

Hall said he talked to Strawberry Festival volunteers to find out what he could do to help.

“I came here and gave them some calls and they said they could use some shelves so I got to work,” he said.

The large shelves help to store a lot of the materials that festival volunteers keep between festivals.

They were built from scratch by Hall and his troop and took about a month and half to finish.

“I went to E&E Lumber and I got the supplies. I got them for a very good deal because I talked about how it was for an Eagle Scout project,” he said.

Hall had a lot of help from his fellow Scouts and family members.

“I got tons of support,” he said. “My dad, mom, sisters and my entire troop.”

He said he enjoyed helping to build the shelves with his fellow Scouts. Eagle Scout projects are meant to be collaborative to help show Scouts how to help the community.

“They helped screw down the plywood and sand the entire thing,” and helped to make sure that they were stable and able to hold a good amount of weight.

“Three of us could stand on top of the shelf and it wouldn’t fall down,” he said.

Hall’s fellow Scouts also helped to move the shelves to the Strawberry Festival office.

“We had one 10-foot trailer and it just barely fit in there,” with about half an inch of leeway, Hall said.

“We moved each one individually to here and brought them to this spot,” he said.

Each shelf weighed about 400 pounds, so it wasn’t an easy task.

“We moved them with brute force. We had about six kids and two adults,” said Hall.

Hall said he has been to the Strawberry Festival and their parade many times and wanted to give back to the community by helping them.

“I like everyone’s attitude and the tone of the parade. Everyone’s very friendly,” he said.

“Strawberry Festival is very important to this community so I thought I would help them out,” he said.

Overall, Hall said he enjoyed being able to help the local organization out.

“I liked being able to help out the community,” he said.

“It was a lot of fun being hands on and knowing I can build these kind of things if I need to,” he said.

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