2020 Supply Drive

Jenny Roodzant, social service coordinator at the Salvation Army’s Marysville Service Center, stands in front of the supplies gathered as part of last year's summer school supply drive on July 18, 2019.


Community groups in Marysville will come together again this year to gather school supplies for families in need for the upcoming school year.

The local school supply drive, which began July 6, is organized by the Salvation Army of Marysville, local community members, parents and businesses.

School supplies will be gathered and are scheduled to be given to Marysville, Tulalip and Lakewood students sometime in late August.

"We joined together with the Salvation Army, the food bank and others because we know this is an important mission," said Christie Veley, the public education and information specialist at the Marysville Fire District and one of the volunteers for the school supply drive. 

"School supplies are going to be the foundation of a student's success," said Veley.

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this year will be a lot trickier, she said.

"This year will be quite challenging," she said. "We don't even know what the school year will look like this fall."

Many store locations are not fully open, individuals are shopping less and sometimes they have less income as well, which could all make this year's drive more difficult.

"People are out of work and we expect the need will be even bigger this year. That is what is driving us to go out and do this drive again this year," said Veley.

Individuals can now drop off supplies at a number of locations, including the Marysville Salvation Army, Staples, Big Lots, Rite Aid, Allen Creek Family Dentistry, Heritage Bank, the Marysville Fire District administration building at 1094 Cedar Ave. or the Marysville School District Service Center at 4220 80th Street NE.

Monetary donations can be submitted online at bit.ly/SchoolSuppliesDonation or mailed to the Marysville Salvation Army noting 'School Supply Drive.'

Organizers are asking for all basic school supplies, including pencils, paper, folders and notebooks.

"Our goal is to provide the basic supplies for as many families as we can," said Veley.

Veley said last year they had a successful drive and they hope to meet the need this year, which they expect to be larger.

"Six hundred families in the Marysville/Tulalip/Lakewood area received a new backpack for their student last year," she said.

Families in need can register at bit.ly/msvlschoolhelp.

For further information contact jenny.roodzant@usw.salvationarmy.org or call 360-926-2228.

"This year we're opening the registration up to any family that has a need," said Veley.

Due to social distancing they are encouraging as much online registration as possible as well, although if families are unable to do that they can still get registered by contacting the Marysville Salvation Army.

"We're planning to distribute in late August, but what that will look like is hard to say," said Veley.

They usually have a big event, but that may be impossible this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"We'll have to see what phase we're in," said Veley.

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