The Digital Bookmobile that travels around the country to promote libraries and their digital collections at the Marysville Library on Oct. 17.


The Overdrive Digital Bookmobile stopped during on its route around the nation at the Marysville Library on Oct. 17 to talk about digital books.

“We educate people on using the library’s digital collections. Not a lot of library users know that their library has a pretty massive collection of e-books that you can borrow for free,” said Dan Lasco who travels with the Digital Bookmobile.

The bus has an interior with a number of screens and a few workstations to show how people can borrow digital books.

“They’re shocked by the inside of the bus in general. You can’t tell from the outside what’s going on in here,” said Lasco. 

He said people are surprised by how much more user friendly the newer e-book readers have become.

“A lot of people have tried using e-books and audiobooks in the past and kind of gave up because there was a lot of steps involved. But it’s gotten a lot easier,” he said.

Libraries across the country have adopted more collections of digital books for e-readers.

“Especially here in Sno-Isle, they have one of the larger collections in the area,” said Lasco. The Sno-Isle Libraries system has around 160,000 e-books and 67,000 audiobooks available.

Julie Thompson is a selector in the collections services department of the Sno-Isle Libraries who is one of the people responsible for building that collection.

“We work with Overdrive to provide e-books and audiobooks so folks are able to access them using their library card,” said Thompson.

The digital books are available for many different devices, not just e-readers, she said.

“We’ve offered this collection over the last several years and it keeps growing each year. We have more and more people accessing it all the time,” she said.

The Digital Bookmobile was meant to bring some more awareness to the opportunities for digital book reading for library users.

“Today’s event was just to draw more attention to this collection and help new and continuing users,” said Thompson.

Lasco said it was a good way to give more advertising to the service.

“You go to the library and you can see all the books they have available but there’s no tangible way to represent the library’s digital collection,” he said.

The Digital Bookmobile stopped at many Sno-Isle Libraries locations in October and will continue around the U.S.

“We travel around the country,” said Lasoc. “We tend to travel with the weather.”

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