Community members learned about the health organizations and exercise businesses around Arlington at the second annual Spring into Summer Health and Wellness Fair.

The event was held on May 18.

The fair offers people a way to learn about the various organizations that can support people in either exercise, healthy eating or with other health concerns.

"We just feel like people don't know what's available in their community and this type of event where you get everyone together and talk about what resources there are can really educate families and show them that there is so much right here in Arlington," said Jennifer Egger, executive director of the Stilly Valley Chamber of Commerce.

"There are senior services, for example, that can be kind of hard to navigate," she said.

Egger said that all sizes of organizations came to the event, from Skagit Regional Health to local Arlington-based companies.

As summer approaches it's good for families to know what kinds of physical activities are in Arlington, as well, said Egger.

"We have a lot of activities for kids to do over the summer to keep families healthy. We feel that it is a good way to start off the summer so they have things to do and aren't just sitting around and playing video games," she said.

Community members said that they enjoyed brining their families to the fair.

"We think it's definitely great to bring the kids out here and be part of the community," said local parent Chris Kuhn.

"I think it's a positive thing to bring to the community. It's a good experience for all of the participants and a good representation of the healthy options in our community. Also my son likes the bouncy houses," said local parent Mary Levesque.

This is the second spring season that the fair has come to Legion Park.

"It's going great. We have great weather and there's about 40 vendors from different nonprofit organizations and health organizations," said Egger.

"We have most of the vendors that were here last year who came back to do this a second year," she said.

The feedback from vendors and the community was positive for the first year which is why they wanted to bring back the health fair, said Egger.

Other community organizations came out to the event as well, such as the Arlington Fire Department and the Sarvey Wildlife Care Center.

"This is a good opportunity for them to come out and show what they do at Sarvey," said Egger.

Egger said that the event was also good for local businesses to get their name out there.

"From the chamber's perspective we're here to support businesses of all sizes and one of the things that's important is to provide connections to the community. This is one way to do that," she said.

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