Vendor Sharon Bouscher, right, talks about some of the items she's brought to sell with Mel Buhr at the annual Marysville Junk in the Trunk event on June 22.


Locals who wanted to sell their spare clothes, jewelry, fishing gear or other items came out to Marysville's annual Junk in the Trunk which was held on June 22 this year.

"It's a community garage sale that has been going on a number of years," said Joanna Martin, Marysville Community Center Manager and the main organizer for the event.

"The idea is for $25 they get two parking lot spaces and they can come in and sell anything they would like to sell," said Martin.

Many people from around the area enjoy coming to the event to hunt for items from a number of different vendors.

Martin said there were 56 vendors this year.

"I think the people like that instead of driving around all day and hitting 56 different neighborhoods they can come to one place and get that same impact," said Martin. "There's a large variety here."

Vendors said it was a good opportunity to interact with the shoppers.

"So far it's been fun. I've enjoyed talking to everybody," said Teri Verburg who brought some items to sell at the event.

Shoppers also said they enjoyed the community atmosphere.

"I look forward to it every year," said Christy Hagglund. "I like meeting the people and all the opportunities to look around."

The event was moved from July to the end of June this year.

Martin said there were a couple of reasons that they decided to move the date a little further up this year.

"With vacations we noticed that the attendance wasn't as high and some of our vendors get really affected by the heat," she said.

"Since we're on hardtop it's pretty hard to stay out here for multiple hours when its 90-some degrees like it was last July," said Martin.

Vendors like Sharon Bouscher agreed that the heat was troublesome when she participated in the event two years ago.

"It's better having it now. Last time it was like 110 degrees and everyone was dying. People were selling water, so having it now is pretty cool," she said.

Martin said that the late June date could work better for the event as it's less likely to have oppressive heat.

This year the event did indeed get away from the heat with overcast skies.

"My hope was the weather would be a little cooler than last July, although not this cool," said Martin. "But even if it is overcast we don't see it affecting our attendance that much."

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