Marysville residents can get rid of their trash and recyclables for free on April 27 as part of the city’s spring Clean Sweep event.

Residents can bring their items to the Marysville Public Works office at 80 Columbia Ave., Marysville, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“This is mostly an opportunity for residents to get stuff out of their yards or houses that may have been there for a while,” said Connie Mennie, communications administrator for the city of Marysville.

“It will be pretty similar to the last few years,” she said.

The event is popular and Marysville locals have already been calling about it. City and community partners help recycle a number of different items collected at the event.

“For old appliances that may be sitting and rusting in your yard, this is a good chance to get them out,” she said.

“It helps to make your yard look better and it helps to make a better neighborhood as well,” she said.

People are able to bring a number of items to the event.

“It’s super interesting to see people bringing in a lot of different things,” said Mennie.

“Last year we had someone driving up in a convertible and you could see a giant ceiling fan sticking out of the side of the car,” she said.

The event is for Marysville residents only and proof of residency is required. Locals can bring their driver’s license, state ID or city utility bill.

There is one vehicle load of items accepted per household (no commercial vehicles).

Marysville’s Clean Sweep event provides locals a convenient place to get rid of their unwanted items.

“Most of the time it saves people a trip to the dump,” said Mennie.

People can dispose of garbage (that must be bagged), yard waste, scrap metal, appliances, washers, dryers, stoves, hot water tanks, clean tires, electronics, car and marine batteries (lead-acid), clothing items and household items.

Up to 50 refrigerators and freezers will be accepted at the event at no charge. There is a limit of one per household. After 50 are accepted, there will be a $35 disposal fee afterward.

No business or commercial waste is accepted at the event. Wood, household batteries, light bulbs and hazardous waste are also not accepted.

“The biggest change is that we are not able to accept light bulbs this year,” said Mennie.

Locals can find disposal options for those items at

Prescription drugs are accepted for disposal at the Marysville Police Department at 1635 Grove St., Marysville, during regular business hours.

The city partners with a number of local organizations to help recycle collected items.

“We’re really grateful to have some community partners that help us recycle many of the items,” said Mennie.

3R Technology helps recycle and dispose of electronic equipment, Pacific Power is able to take the batteries, and Marysville’s Value Village takes the household items that are still good.

“I saw several bicycles that were brought in last year that Value Village took, and it’s good that some families will get some more use out of them instead of the bicycles going to the dump,” said Mennie.

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