Marysville community members learn some fire suppression skills at one of the past Community Emergency Response Team classes.

Marysville residents can learn how they can support their community in the event of a disaster as Community Emergency Response Team training returns to the city.

The city of Marysville and the Marysville Fire District jointly host the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) classes in order to provide skills to community members that could help in the event of various emergencies.

“If, and when, a big disaster hits the city is not going to be able to be everywhere,” said Connie Mennie, communications administrator with the city of Marysville.

If local aid cars are tied up at other scenes or simply unable to get to your neighborhood, the CERT trainings are meant to provide people the skills to do what they can in the meantime.

“If there was an earthquake and someone was hurt, it may be hours or days before a professional can get to you, depending on the severity,” said Mennie.

The CERT classes take place on eight Tuesday evenings from Sept. 10 to Oct. 29, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., at Marysville Fire District Station 62 at 10701 Shoultes Road, Marysville.

Classes tend to fill up quickly so applicants are encouraged to apply early. More information and online sign-ups are available at marysvillewa.gov/758.

Participants must live or work in Marysville, attend all sessions, establish a three-day emergency kit and obtain personal safety equipment which costs about $30.

The safety equipment and where to purchase it is discussed in the first class.

Besides the cost of that equipment the classes are free.

The training is meant to help residents be there for their neighborhood or workplace if a disaster were to hit.

“We train people to be able to help their neighbors,” said Mennie.

It’s helpful to have residents be prepared because they will be more familiar with their neighborhood, said Mennie.

“You know who is there in your neighborhood and what the needs are,” she said.

“If you are in, say, an area that is prone to flooding, you can be prepared for that situation,” she said.

The CERT training provides a variety of training opportunities in skills like fire suppression and basic medical responses.

Training such as “if a structure falls, what is the safest way to move the structure,” said Mennie.

People often learn things like the best ways to make sure an area is safe before you enter it as well.

Those who take the class often say that they enjoyed the experience.

“People really love it,” said Mennie. “Many people tell us that friends or family members told them about the classes and how much they learned in them."

Community members who have questions can e-mail Marysville’s emergency preparedness coordinator Jenn Brown at jbrown@marysvillewa.gov.

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