Employees and customers of Maxi’s Chinese Restaurant helped collect 600 pies, 1,000 pounds of food throughout the holiday season for the Marysville Community Food Bank.


Amid the churches, community groups and local nonprofits, Marysville area businesses are also chipping in to ensure everybody in the community has food over the holidays.

Their efforts have contributed thousands of pounds of foods that will help Marysville’s food bank continue its efforts to help needy families.

"We just really appreciate those businesses that put on food drives," said Dell Deierling, director of the Marysville Community Food Bank.

He noted the efforts of Windermere Real Estate's Marysville office, which in the fall collected 53,868 pounds of food in October.

"It's really our biggest fundraiser in the community," said Dan Peterson, managing broker for Windermere's Marysville office.

Their food collecting efforts were part of a competition organized by the Snohomish County Camano Association of Realtors that benefits food banks in communities throughout the county. When the competition was finished, the Windermere in Marysville finished second in the association's competition behind Windermere's Edmonds office.

Deierling said such competitions are great because they help drive results.

Marysville Jewelry and Pawn featuring Lizzy's Jewelry held an after-hours jewelry party that included a raffle that incorporated food donations into the event that featured artist Coleen Allen creating a watercolor portrait as well as raffling three of her creations.

When the night was over, the jewelry party collected more than 325 pounds of food for the Marysville Community Food Bank.

Employees, Seahawks fans and customers at Maxi’s Chinese Restaurant spent the holidays helping the food bank. Prior to Thanksgiving, they teamed up to donate 600 pies and around 1,000 pounds of food, said Frances Staley, owner of Maxi’s Chinese Restaurant.

“While we’re having fun we realize that there are people who need help,” Staley said.

In preparation for Christmas, Maxi’s received a list of needs from the food bank and the restaurant customers collected 400 boxes of Jello and 700 cans of fruit.

Around 300 families use the Marysville Community Food Bank each week. The food bank is normally open three days a week from its location on 88th Street. For Thanksgiving, 577 families received holiday food and Deierling said he expects 525 families to receive help during the days leading up to Christmas. The last time people can receive assistance before Christmas is from 9 a.m. to noon, Friday, Dec. 21. The Marysville Community Food Bank is closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The holiday food drives that take place also help keep the organization's shelves stocked during the early months of 2019, before the next major food drive takes place.

“It provides us the fuel we need for months to come,” Deierling said. The Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive takes place May 11, 2019.

For more information about the Marysville Community Food Bank, go to

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