The Marysville Kiwanis Club recently recognized Doug Buell as their Volunteer of the Year for his work on the club’s new fundraising event ‘Crabtoberfest.’

The event was held on Sept. 26 to raise funds for the Marysville service club, which largely focuses on projects that help local kids and families.

The Marysville Kiwanis Club recognizes one of its members each year who takes on volunteering and organizing.

“Just like with any club, we all do a lot of good work,” said Kiwanis Club president Steve Powell. “But we still want to give an award to someone who rose above each year."

“I encouraged the club to do a major fundraiser, because, frankly, we weren’t giving out as much in scholarships compared to some of the other clubs in the area,” said Powell, who was also the one who nominated Buell.

Powell said he didn’t have time to run a fundraiser himself but Buell volunteered to organize the event.

“Doug stepped up and he did so many things,” said Powell. “He really took the lead on the event and made it very successful."

The event was designed to be a place to eat some good food and hold an auction, but Buell helped to bring in a raffle, entertainment and other fun to help make Crabtoberfest successful, said Powell. “There was a lot more at the event than I expected,” he said.

Buell put in a lot of work to raise funds through the event.

“He was a real pusher of going full bore to help,” said Powell.

“He also did some beautiful artwork for our promotional materials. It helped it look really professional,” said Powell.

Crabtoberfest brought in about $8,000 in revenue, with about half of that going toward expenses for the event.

“Prior to this we usually gave around $2,500 in scholarships each year,” said Powell. With the new funds he thinks the club we’ll likely be able to give out much more this year, possibly around $5,000 or more.

“For our club, that’s a really good amount,” said Powell.

Buell also helps with other Kiwanis events through the year as well, not just with the new Crabtoberfest fundraiser.

Powell said the Kiwanis help with many small events throughout the year to improve the family offerings around the city.

Buell helped out a lot of those events as well.

“It wasn’t just the one event. There were a lot of things where we he was there to help,” said Powell.

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