Ballots have been sent out for the Nov. 5 general election which includes many local Marysville and Arlington races.

Ballot boxes are open until 8 p.m. on election day. Local ballot box locations include the Arlington Library at 135 N. Washington Ave., Marysville City Hall at 1049 State Ave., and the Smokey Point Lowe’s parking lot at 3300 169th Place. 

State Initiatives

Referendum 88 will uphold or reject Initiative 1000, which would allow some forms of affirmative action in the state (although not quota-based affirmative action).

Initiative 976 would reduce and limit car tab fees to $30. The funding this would cut into is currently mostly used for road and transportation infrastructure.


Incumbent Democrat Dave Somers is running unopposed for County Executive.

Snohomish County Council District 2 is an open seat as incumbent Brian Sullivan cannot run again due to term limits.

The district includes much of Tulalip, north Everett and Mukilteo and the race is between Republican Anna Rohrbough and Democrat Megan Dunn.

The race for Snohomish County Auditor is between Garth Fell and Cindy Gobel.

Incumbent Ty Trenary and Adam Fortney are running for Snohomish County Sheriff.

The County Treasurer race is between Rob Toyer and Brian Sullivan.

City of Arlington

The city of Arlington has an advisory vote about if the municipality should ban fireworks. 

This vote is non-binding and is therefore mainly meant to give the City Council guidance on if the public wants the current laws to remain or if they want them to change.

Incumbent Barb Tolbert is being challenged by Don Vanney Jr. for the mayoral seat in Arlington.

The City Council Pos. 4 race is between Michele Blythe and incumbent Sue Weiss.

Incumbents Marilyn Oertle and Mike Hopson are both running unopposed for another term for their City Council seats.

Arlington School Board

Sheri Kelly and incumbent Jim Weiss are both vying for the District 2 seat on the Arlington School Board. District 2 covers some parts of Smokey Point and downtown Arlington.

Candidates Michael Ray and Mary Levesque are both running unopposed for open seats.

North County Regional Fire Authority

Jeff Sinker and incumbent Greg Oakes are both running for the Pos. 1 commissioner seat. Judy Williams and Ric Cade are running unopposed for commissioner seats.

The North County Regional Fire Authority is proposing to restore their EMS levy collection to $1.50 per $1,000 assessed property value.

Normally, per state law from a voter-approved initiative, fire districts can only raise their tax collections 1 percent per year, which typically does not keep up with inflation.

Because of this the tax rate drops slowly and districts must go back to the voters every several years to restore their rates.

Lakewood School Board

At the Lakewood School District for the District 1 seat Steven Larson is challenging incumbent Jeremy Toponce.

District 1 covers most of the school district’s boundaries just east of I-5 in the Smokey Point area.

Incumbents Leaha Boser and Lawrence Bean are running unopposed.

City of Marysville

The Marysville mayoral race is between challenger Mike Patrick and incumbent Jon Nehring.

City Council Pos. 5 has two challengers, Jeff Seibert and Kelly Richards. Incumbent Rob Toyer is leaving the seat to run for County Treasurer.

Incumbent Stephen Muller and Katherine Iverson are in the race for City Council Pos. 6.

Kamille Norton is running unopposed to retain her seat.

Marysville School Board

For Marysville School Board director District 2, incumbent Mariana Maksimos is running against Paul Galovin.

District 2 covers most of north Marysville that is east of I-5.

Incumbent Tom Albright is facing Halleh Stickles for the District 5 seat. That district covers much of south Marysville.

Pete Lundberg is running for his current seat unopposed.

Fire District 12

Fire District 12 commissioners form a portion of the governance of the Marysville Fire District. They represent the areas outside Marysville city limits covered by the district.

Richard “Rick” Ross is running unopposed for the position 1 seat.

For a complete listing on what will be on the Nov. 5 ballot, go to

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