Ballots for the Snohomish County Aug. 3 primary election were mailed out to registered voters on July 15.

Residents in the north county area will see a Snohomish County Council race on their ballot and two Marysville races for residents of that city.

In a primary elections only those races with more than two candidates are on the ballot.

The two candidates that receive the most votes will move on to the general election this November, even if those candidates are in the same party because of the primary system that Washington state uses.

Ballots for the primary election are due Aug. 3.

Local drop boxes are available at Marysville City Hall, the Smokey Point Lowe’s, across the street from Lakewood Middle School and at the Arlington Library.

The last day to register to vote or update your voting address online is July 26. Residents can do that at

Residents can register to vote or update their registration in person any day up to Aug. 3.

Snohomish County Council

The Snohomish County Council District 1 is a race between three candidates.

District 1 covers Marysville, Arlington, Lake Stevens, Granite Falls, Stanwood, Darrington and all of the northeast of the county.

The race is between Democrats Nicole Ng-A-Qui and Richard Yust and incumbent Republican Nate Nehring.

The five member county council enacts laws, levies taxes and approves budgets that affect the entirety of Snohomish County.

To find more about the candidates and their positions visit for Nicole Ng-A-Qui, for Nate Nehring and for Richard Yust.

Marysville City Council

The city of Marysville has three candidates vying for council position 1: Cindy Nobel, Daniel Brady and incumbent Jeffrey Vaughan.

The seven member Marysville City Council enacts ordinances, approves or rejects taxes and decides on budgetary issues around Marysville.

More information about the candidates and their issues is available at for Daniel Brady, for Jeffrey Vaughan and for Cindy Gobel.

Marysville School District

The school board district 4 position has four candidates in the race this year.

Director district 4 covers some areas of east Marysville as well as the Getchell area between Marysville city limits and Granite Falls.

The candidates for this race are Clarence Shaw, Jim Ross, Wade Rinehardt and Vanessa Edwards.

The Marysville School District board of directors is responsible for the district’s budget, policies and curriculum decisions.

More information about Wade Rinehardt is available at and information about Jim Ross is at

Vanessa Edwards and Clarence Shaw do not have websites but you can read their statements on the local voter’s pamphlet at

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