The Marysville/Tulalip branch of the Salvation Army will be raising funds at a live auction on Sept. 19 to help prevent local homelessness and provide services.

The event is at the Grove Church at 4705 Grove St., in Marysville. Doors open at 5 p.m. and the auction and dinner are from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The cost for the event is $35 per ticket.

This is the fifth annual auction fundraiser the local Salvation Army branch has put on.

“This is one of the biggest fundraisers for us each year,” said Jenny Roodzant, social services coordinator at the local branch.

“For us, this and the kettle bells is what we depend on to help us keep going,” she said.

She said that locals enjoy stopping by to learn about the services that the local Salvation Army branch provides.

“People like just coming out to it and finding out what the Salvation Army does,” she said.

The money raised at the live auction goes toward programs and services for the Marysville area, like the Salvation Army’s homeless prevention initiatives.

“There are a lot of people, like local moms, who can’t afford their rent right now,” said Roodzant.

“We’re able to help keep them in their homes,” she said.

Preventing the homelessness in the first place is important because it’s a downward spiral that is much tougher to bring people back from once they are homeless, she said.

There are also services such as meals provided weekly and a upcoming new classes that help people with things like budgeting or writing a cover letter.

The Marysville location already provides help with resumes but this is the first time that sort of program would be in a class, said Roodzant.

“We help people here in the community,” she said.

This August the Marysville/Tulalip branch also opened a new location that is more visible and closer to bus lines than before.

The location is at 1108 State Avenue, in Marysville.

“Our numbers have been huge. We have a lot more people in need,” said Roodzant. “Our meals have more than doubled,."

Roodzant is hopeful for a successful auction so that they can continue with those services or potentially expand them.

“We’re trying to keep up with helping everyone,” she said.

Roodzant encourages people to come down to the auction and she hopes to connect with locals.

“We would love for people to come and get to know who we are,” she said. “I want to reach out to the community and meet them as well.”

Preregistration is not required but helpful to those organizing the event, said Roodzant.

“It’s helpful to preregister just so we know how many people are coming, but they are welcome to come and pay at the door as well,” she said.

More information about the event or preregistration can be found by calling the local Salvation Army branch at 360-926-2228.

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