Arlington Post Middle School student Colby Legendre, center, with parents, sisters and step-parents at an event on Sept. 14 welcoming him back to the town after recovery from a truck collision. From left, Steve Baker, left above, Rita Mangum, left center, Kayla Legendre, left bottom,  Mariah Harvey, Robert Legendre, right above, and Savannah Harvey.


The Arlington community welcomed back 13-year-old Post Middle School student Colby Legendre after he recovered for many days at Harborview Medical Center after a truck collision.

On Sept. 5 Colby was involved in a collision as he was riding his bicycle home and was struck by a truck.

He was coming home after practice for his youth football team and was only a few blocks away from his home at the time, close enough that his mother came out to the scene.

"It was horrifying. To see your child lying in the middle of the street is devastating, but at the same time you have to be strong because you know he's in a lot of pain," said Colby's mother Rita Mangum.

After initially being treated at Cascade Valley Hospital Colby was moved to Harborview Medical Center.

"Did I think it was as bad as it was? No, not until we got to Harborview and had to start talking about brain surgery," said Mangum.

After brain surgery Colby spent four days in the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. 

Colby was wearing his football helmet and pads while riding home during the accident and doctors said that without those it could have been a lot worse for the Arlington teenager.

Teammates and community members were saddened when they learned of the news.

"It was really sad. We were all kind of like 'is he okay?' We wanted to go visit him at the hospital but we didn't want it to get crazy in there," said Beau Graf, a teammate and classmate of Colby's.

He said that efforts have begun at Post Middle School to support Colby.

"It was right after practice and we were eating dinner. I literally dropped my phone and my jaw. My fiancé was instantly like 'oh my god' because you can't help but to think of your own children," said Blayne Banks, assistant coach for Colby's youth football team.

"Instantly we thought about what we could do for Colby," he said.

Colby was in the hospital until Sept. 10 and was welcomed back at a community gathering soon after on Sept. 14.

"I thought he was going to be in the hospital for a few more days, I guess he's really recovering fast," said Graf.

"The recovery was slow in the beginning because he was really tired, but he is determined and strong and doing everything he can to get up on his feet again," said Mangum.

Colby is still in the process of recovery, which could go on for several more months.

"We're probably looking forward to at least a year. We're not sure what the activity level will look like, but we will certainly encourage him to do what he can to be active and be part of the community,"  said Mangum.

Community members were happy to have Colby back in Arlington.

"He's a great offensive lineman and always determined to work, always trying to get better. A very big part of our offensive lineman," said Banks.

"He's been a real good friend and I have a couple of classes with him at school. He's just really determined and always trying to get better," said Graf.

Lacey Johnston, 'team mom' and organizer of many of the support efforts, said that a lot of the team is like family.

"Colby needed the boys as much as the boys needed Colby. I think it's a lot for any family to experience and these boys not only have their family at home, but on the field as well," she said.

Arlington Velo Sport Bicycle Shop has provided a bicycle to replace the bicycle that got destroyed in the collision.

Many other local businesses have also offered support, including the Stilly Diner, Arlington Copy Mail & More, the Bluebird Café, Jimmy John's, Jersey Mike's Subs, McDonald's and Safeway.

Johnston is also running a crowdfunding campaign at gofundme.com in support of the family.

"There's already bills coming in and there's going to be more. We've already made several appointments with specialists to make sure he recovers to the best of his ability," said Magnum.

"These funds will be strictly for that recovery," she said.

That campaign can be found by searching for 'Colby Legendre' at gofundme.com.

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