Arlington businesses have a chance to be on the next season of reality television show "Main Street."


Arlington is one of the 20 candidates to be on the next season of reality television show "Main Street," which would provide the business community with a $500,000 makeover if it is selected.

"Main Street" is currently in its fourth season and is from the internet streaming service Hulu.

The program received thousands of nominations from across the country for the program, including a nomination for Arlington from the owner of downtown business Perfectly Knotty.

"It was completely unexpected. We had heard that the show was a thing but we had no idea that out of all these entries we would be selected," said Jennifer Egger, executive director of the Stilly Valley Chamber of Commerce.

"Some of the reasons they selected us was how we reacted to the SR 530 slide and that we are a small town," said Cristy Brubaker, treasurer of the Downtown Arlington Business Association.

The program selects one U.S. community each season to help revitalize.

"It's not necessarily about towns that are in bad shape, but about towns that are right on the edge of something awesome, which is how we feel Arlington is down here," said Egger.

They also select six businesses to help highlight and improve throughout the community.

"That would mean $500,000 for the downtown to revitalize and six businesses they pick to help be successful," said Lisa Cisneros, president of the Downtown Arlington Business Association and owner of Olympic Escrow.

Those six businesses wouldn't have to be from the downtown area, she said.

"It's a big deal and I know there would be six businesses in Arlington that would really benefit," said Cisneros.

"I've watched one of the seasons and there are some things in there that are like 'we should do that,'" said Brubaker.

On Dec. 11 the Main Street producers are planning to announce the top 10 communities.

Until then residents are encouraged to talk about Arlington on social media. "Why they live here, why they love it here, what keeps them here," said Cisneros.

"Social media is going to play a huge role in determining the top 10," she said.

Cisneros and Egger encourage community members to use #MyArlington and tag @smallbizrev on Facebook or @smbizrevolution on Twitter. Those social media posts will be counted until Dec. 3, said Cisneros.

If Arlington advances to the top 10, producers from Main Street would come to talk in-person with the Arlington community.

After that, if Arlington advances to the top 5 a nationwide vote is held to determine who will be featured on the show.

"If we make it as the winner we have the opportunity for half a million dollars put into our local economy," said Egger.

"With a little extra help we could really freshen up some stuff," she said. "It would be a really cool opportunity for our town."


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