The intersection at SR-530 and the west leg of Smokey Point Boulevard which Arlington officials hope to put an interim signal at this summer.


The city of Arlington is considering putting in a new signal at the intersection of Smokey Point Boulevard and SR-530 because of increased traffic.

Due to the growth in the surrounding areas SR-530 has more drivers than previous years and currently has approximately 23,000 cars per day, according to Jim Kelly, Public Works director for the city of Arlington.

“The traffic around SR-530 has increased significantly over the years,” he said. “Part of that is new development in Arlington and another part of that is new development in the northeast end of the county."

New businesses coming into Island Crossing will also necessitate a signal as well.

“With the Pilot Flying J Center and other development like the Stillaguamish Tribe’s River Rock Smoke Shop, there is a lot of traffic around the area that needs to be controlled,” said Kelly.

“A signal will increase safety and mobility,” he said.

City officials identified the area as in need of traffic improvements after a recent study.

“The city has been engaging with Gibson Consulting to complete an analysis of the area,” said Kelly. “That study shows that SR-530 warrants an additional signal at the intersection with Smokey Point Boulevard."

Currently the city is proposing to put in an interim signal at the intersection, “while we work toward what we want the long-term solution at the intersection to be, which would be a roundabout,” said Kelly.

Roundabouts are more expensive to inastall than signals, so the city is opting for a signal right now.

City officials hope to get the project going soon.

They need official approval from the Washington State Department of Transportation because the road is a State Route, but Kelly said the city anticipates they will receive that approval within the next three to four weeks.

In the meantime the city has begun the design process for an interim signal at the intersection.

The expected cost for design, analysis and construction of the project is $160,000 and those funds are coming from new development fees that have been received by the city.

Kelly said that city officials want the project to move fast and hope to get it finished by the middle of the year.

“We want to get this in this June,” he said.

There will be a "minor impact" to traffic during construction, but Kelly said the construction is planned to happen outside the travel lanes on the road, and overall the project shouldn't last that long.

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Please expedite. Everyday there are close calls. Surprisingly, haven’t seen police presence, additional signage about speed or electronic monitoring of speed. I don’t think there is a speed sign from SPt Blvd to the freeway. There needs to be.

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