Local children will be able to get free bike helmets, ride through an obstacle course and get safety tips at the Arlington Community Bike Rodeo on June 22, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Legion Park parking lot.

“It will help kids in our community have some basic safety information around biking,” said Kristin Banfield, communications manager for the city of Arlington.

Arlington police officers will help provide tips to kids and also give them helmets if they need one.

“We’re making sure that they have a helmet and that the helmet is fitted properly,” said Banfield.

Helmets of all different sizes will be available at the event.

“We had generous donations from numerous organizations, including Stilly Valley Health Connections and S&S Roofing,” said Banfield.

A bike course will also be available for the kids to ride through. Families and children should bring their own bicycles to the event.

“Volunteers from the Arlington Police Department will also be registering bikes at the event,” said Banfield.

Registering bikes can help people recover them faster if lost or stolen, said Banfield.

There will be refreshments available from some vendors at the event, and the Arlington Farmers Market will be happening in the same parking lot at the same time. 

Arlington police officers hope to improve bike safety with the event, however they also wanted to support the Arlington Community Resource Center.

“It's being organized in part as a fundraiser for the Arlington Community Resource Center,” said Banfield. “The center provides valuable services in our community, helping those in need get connected to organizations that can help them, getting people into housing that need it, or providing short-term services."

The police department wanted to do something to support the local resource center, said Banfield, in part because the two often work together and many officers are familiar with the work the center does.

“The center has been such a good partner to the community,” said Banfield.

Around six to eight bikes are planned to be raffled at the event, with proceeds going to the center.

“Those bikes were originally donated to the resource center and this is a great way to partner and raffle them off together,” said Banfield.

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