Arlington has advanced to the Top 10 in the 'Main Street' selection process.


The city of Arlington could be the next city chosen to be on reality TV show Main Street and has advanced to be one of the Top 10 candidates.

The Hulu TV series takes a look at one community each season and highlights six businesses from that city to improve.

A total of $500,000 is also used to give the business community of each chosen city a makeover.

In November it was announced Arlington was one of the top 20 candidates and now they have advanced to the next stage.

“We’re so excited to be a Top 10 town,” said Jennifer Egger, executive director of the Stilly Valley Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s been incredible to see the response on social media as people have shared the things they love about Arlington,” she said.

Community members were encouraged to share their favorite parts about the city on social media recently, which was one of the factors that the Main Street producers look at.

“I think that they recognized what a supportive and enthusiastic community we have here,” said Egger.

The next round will be in-person engagement with the communities.

“The next step is that the crew from Small Business Revolution will visit our town early next month to chat with local business people and get a sense of what kind of contribution they could make here. They will be the ones deciding which businesses will be featured on the show,” said Egger.

That engagement could help local business owners even if they don’t advance further, she said.

“Regardless of what happens next, we are excited that Deluxe (the marketing firm behind Small Business Revolution) will be coming to Arlington to host a small business symposium in the coming months as part of the Top 10 win,” she said.

“It will be a valuable opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs in our community to learn more about creating a business plan, maximizing their marketing dollars and developing a sustainable business.”

Egger encouraged community members to continue posting #MyArlington stories about their town to help the campaign.

Tagging @thesmallbusinessrevolution helps those posts become more visible as well, she said.

The communities advancing to the next round are scheduled to be announced in mid-February.

After that there will be a week-long public vote between the five finalists, with the leading vote-getter advancing to the TV series.

The show producers plan to announce the final winner in late February.

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