Ethan Ball looks at a Superman piggy bank toy at one of the garage sales during last year's All Marysville Garage Sale on Aug. 17, 2018.


Families across the community plan to participate in the third annual All Marysville Garage Sale which will be held Aug. 16 to 18.

Last year had 124 houses registered for the event and more than 2,000 people who indicated interest on the Facebook event, said William Frankhouser, organizer of the event. 

“Last year’s event was definitely better than the year before,” he said, in part because they had more time to plan and organize.

“It was pretty decent weather and a lot of homes joined in for our map online,” he said.

The event provides an online map of all the garage sales that have registered for the event at their site.

This year the sales will again be organized by what types of items are being sold at each garage sale so that people can look for specific items if they want.

“So you can prepare for which sales you’re looking for ahead of time,” said Frankhouser.

Sign-ups are available until Aug. 12. The event supports local garage sales with advertising and bringing more people into town for the weekend.

Local businesses such as the Whistlestop Sweet Shop and the Fahlman Property Group have helped with advertising the event this year as well.

“We’re helping residents in Marysville to have a good sale,” said Frankhouser. Those hosting a garage sale can sign up for any of Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday.

Frankhouser has also reached out to local service clubs to see if any would like to hold a garage sale fundraiser.

“It really is an open opportunity to have a community fundraiser for your organization,” he said.

In addition to helping get rid of unused items and raising funds, the weekend garage sales across the city are good for community, said Frankhouser.

“The sales help people connect and engage with each other,” he said.

The number of registered garage sales right now is currently a little down compared to last year, said Frankhouser, although typically there are many who sign up later.

“The last two weeks is really the big ramp up,” he said. “We’re still hoping to hit the 100 homes or more goal.”

Frankhouser said he is excited about the event.

“We’re definitely looking forward to this year,” he said. “We’re continuing on the same path as last year."

Last year they learned some lessons about donations afterward as well, as a rush of donations to Goodwill and Value Village after the event caused issues last year.

“So we’ve kind of talked to them this year that there’s a possibility there might be a lot of donations the Sunday after the event, just to help them get kind of prepared,” said Frankhouser.

More information and sign-ups are available online at

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