Arlington High School National Honor Society students band some socks together as part of a volunteer effort at Arlington Kids’ Kloset.


In January the Arlington High School National Honor Society supported the Arlington Kids’ Kloset with volunteer assistance.

The local club often goes out into the community to help local organizations.

This time they helped the Arlington Kids’ Kloset, a nonprofit organization that provides clothes to families in need.

“On Saturday we had two groups of NHS groups come and volunteer for group hours. There was a total of 21 people which totaled 42 hours,” said National Honor Society student Laura Meno.

The students there did a variety of activities to help.

“We were mainly split into partners and then groups separated to go do their tasks. For example, we had a partnership vacuuming and dusting, a group sorting clothes into their necessary categories, and a group sorting through clothes that needed to be laundered,” said National Honor Society student Macie Butchart.

The organization is currently located in the old Arlington High School, a building the school district doesn’t currently use.

They had to shut down when schools shut down for the pandemic as well because of that.

“Therefore, they missed their whole spring season of serving kids, so they wanted to be prepared for more kids this fall who didn’t get served in the spring,” said Meno.

This also caused a large backlog of donations for the organization and Arlington students helped to sort through them.

“We got through the very large sorting pile that consisted of at least 100 bags. Sorting through the bags led to laundry, so a lot of kids also brought laundry home to wash, dry and then bring back to the site clean,” said Meno.

Meno said the organization is always looking for people to pick up laundry and help wash it for those looking to volunteer.

Students said they enjoyed getting out into the community.

“I’ve always loved volunteering there because it’s a really positive environment and even volunteering for a couple of hours makes a big difference,” said Butchart.

She said she is glad to be able to help the community.

“Whether it’s writing holiday letters for people who might need a smile, to picking up the environment, there’s always something you can do,” she said.

They also said they liked to support Arlington Kids’ Kloset.

“This is so important because it gives families the opportunity to save money for things like food and bills,” said Butchart.  “I really think it makes a world of a difference when you don’t have to choose between clothes for your children and putting food on the table."

Meno said the organization provides a valuable service to kids in Arlington, Lakewood and Darrington.

“Kids that are on free or reduced price lunch are able to come to Kids’ Kloset and they receive a shopping list of items they can pick out. The lists consists of a week’s worth of pants, shirts, socks, underwear, a new pair of shoes, and a variety of extras, as well as a new book and hygiene pack,” she said.

Those interesting in volunteering for or donating to Arlington Kids’ Kloset can call 360-435-4875 or email kidskloset@frontier.com


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