Coaches and players from the Arlington High School boys basketball program present a check to the Arlington Community Food Bank on Nov. 30. From left, Arlington Community Food Bank director Carla Gastineau, coach Nick Brown, students Ethan Martin, Gavin Hawthorne, Luke Brown and Kaden Davis and coach Nathan Davis.


Members of the Arlington High School boys basketball team helped to collect more than 1,800 pounds of food and $3,600 for the Arlington Community Food Bank.

The basketball players helped to raise funds during a drive-thru fundraiser on Nov. 14 and presented a check to the food bank on Nov. 30.

The goal for the drive-thru food drive was to help 50 families, but they raised much more than that.

"I loved how everyone from our community came together. People drove through we didn't know and they still talked to us and gave us big contributions," said Arlington High School student Ethan Martin.

"It was a great experience overall. It's always great to give back to the community," said Arlington High School student Luke Brown.

The Arlington food bank has seen increased need all throughout the year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This money helps real people who are hungry. They are your neighbors and sometimes people who are too embarrassed to say they need help," said Carla Gastineau, director of the Arlington Community Food Bank. "It makes such a big impact in someone's life and you just never know when it could be you."

She appreciated the support of the community and Arlington High School at this time.

"COVID is a wonderful opportunity to know how you can take something that is challenging and make something positive," said Gastineau.

Students said they were glad to help local families in need.

"I think during COVID there has been a lot of struggle for families. People have lost jobs," said Arlington High School student Kaden Davis, who added he wanted to help support those people.

"It felt good to help the people in need. It's the holidays so it's good to know that people will have food," said Arlington High School student Gavin Hawthorne.

Arlington High School principal Duane Fish said he was thankful for students who demonstrate being "character strong."

"We can say all day long that we are a character strong school and we talk about what being kind means, but you're not truly character strong until you put in an action," said Fish.

The food donated went to support holiday food donations, while the money raised is going to support a food truck project from the food bank.

"When we get this food truck it's going to be so exciting," said Gastineau, who said she thinks they could have enough funds to purchase the truck by the spring.

The food truck is meant to help reach out to the more distant areas of the community.

"It will be awesome to see how we can serve out and about all the way up to Whitehorse, Finn Settlement Road, out in Silvana and all over different areas," said Gastineau.


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