Worlds Beyond, a new-age, spirituality and religion store in downtown Marysville, opened for their first day on Feb. 3.

The new store at 306 State Ave. in Marysville provides a variety of items and products for alternative spirituality or minority religions.

Owner Jacob Vail said he wants the business to be a positive place to learn about spirituality and religions.

"There's no place for people to go to get that information," he said. "If your kid walks up to you and says 'I'm thinking about Wicca,' the first thing that pops into people's head is negativity and we want that not to be the first thing in people's minds. We want anybody to come to us and go 'what really is this about?'" he said.

Vail has learned about religion and spirituality for more than 20 years, his wife has more than 15 years experience, and the employees of the store each have at least a decade, he said.

He said he hopes that his new store is a place that provides a positive place to talk about any different kinds of spirituality and also hopes to support the "Coexist" campaign.

"We want to bring all religions together at the table and open up that communication and break down any negativity," he said. "We can be that open conversation that we need so much right now."

The store provides books as well as various items of spiritual significance, such as stones, altar tables, black candles, red-brick dust or sulfur powder.

"We have the biggest sage display in the Pacific Northwest," said Vail.

The store also has access to 250,000 products. "So if we don't have it here, I can get it for them," he said.

Vail said that customers will like the open floor plan and professional feel of the business.

"This is a huge shop that is nice for people to come into. Usually [new-age/spirituality shops] are holes in the wall, and I wanted to give an upscale feel at a low cost," he said.

There aren't many other local options either, said Vail, and he hoped to provide a closer place for people to learn.

"The representation for the 42 percent of the population that isn't Christian really isn't there," he said.

Vail's interest in spirituality started at a young age. "When I was in the fourth grade I broke my arm and it was the first time I learned the power of meditation and being able to help yourself by calming yourself," he said.

That sparked a passion for Vail as he went to study many different types of religion throughout the years.

Vail hopes that he can be part of the community with his new business.

"We're here to work with the community and not against it. We obviously don't believe in devil worship or anything like that, people have that misconception a lot, but we really like to start campaigns like Coexist or Earth Day campaigns to really give back to the community of Marysville," he said.

The downtown business is open daily at 306 State Avenue, Marysville.


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