The WhistleStop Sweet Shop, a new downtown Marysville store, held their grand opening on April 20.

The business at 1508 Third St., in Marysville, opened their doors in February this year and have recently expanded their offerings.

"We're just now introducing our kitchen and ice cream," said owner Lynn Reid.

Their ice cream comes from fourth-generation dairy farmers from Ellensberg.

"We met with the owner and really bonded so he comes and delivers to us once a week," said Reid.

The kitchen can provide turkey sandwiches, panini sandwiches, hot dogs, chili dogs and the special "dessert dog," a hot dog covered in chocolate syrup and other sweets.

Drinks that are available include milkshakes, Bedford soda, which comes from Port Angeles, and "train wrecks."

"Train wrecks are our energy drink and we have five different recipes for that," said Reid.

A variety of huckleberry products, including ice tea, fudge and syrup, are available in their own corner.

"Steve [Lynn's husband] and I are originally from Montana so when we go home we get our huckleberry stuff, so we decided right away we have to have that," she said.

Brittles and other candy from the Snoqualmie Falls Candy Factory are also available at the new store.

Reid said that the store has slowly been getting busier through the weeks that its been open.

"The weather plays a big part in this business, so every week we've been changing and getting bigger," she said.

People like the decoration and the feel of the store, she said.

"They like the tables. My husband makes them so their all individual," said Reid.

Reid said that she wanted to open the business primarily to help fund the nonprofit organizations she and her husband run.

"Steve and I have been married for six years and started working on the community five years ago," she said.

"We always give a large percentage of what we have to our nonprofits," she said.

They run Women at the Well, a Marysville resource center for women in crisis.

"We help women get all the benefits that they can get, whether they're being abused, or are addicted or something else like that," said Reid.

"We hook them up with different groups to encourage them and to let them know that they are supported and loved," she said.

Reid and her husband also run The Watchmen, a ministry outreach program to the local homeless population.

"Men and women in recovery go out to the streets and minister to the people on the streets," said Reid.

"And help them to live a clean and sober life," she said.

They hope that their store will help sustain those projects.

The WhistleStop will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.

"I'm happy to be a part of this community and it is booming here. It's going to be a wonderful place to live," said Reid.


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