The new U.S. Bank location in central Marysville.


U.S. Bank has opened a new branch in Marysville which held their grand opening this month.

The new location is at 3721 116th St. NE, Suite #3.

“It is a whole service branch,” said Kristy Dickson, Seattle market leader for consumer and business banking at U.S. Bank. “So we can handle everything from cashier checks to wealth advice, business banking and other needs."

The new Marysville branch will reflect a change in bank design philosophy that many U.S. Bank branches are moving toward.

“Over the years, banking has changed, especially with the digital money management,” said Dickson. “Because of that you don’t really see those long lines to the teller anymore."

The large amount of space formerly reserved for long teller lines is being used instead to interact with clients.

“What we do see in our banks is customers who come in for financial advice,” said Dickson.

The new space is meant to be similar to a cafe and provide spaces for one-on-one conversations with bank representatives.

“The model is more about customer engagement,” said Dickson. “It gives a more relaxed feel, so customers hopefully feel more comfortable to share their needs."

More closed off meeting spaces will still be available at the Marysville branch.

“We still have private engagement offices for conversations that need to be done that way,” said Dickson.

The U.S. Bank branch in Smokey Point at 17110 Smokey Point Blvd., Arlington, also received a remodel to bring the bank into a new design.

“That is the same footprint and transformation that we had at our Marysville branch,” said Dickson. “It gives it the same café-style feel to help people feel relaxed."

Dickson said U.S. Bank workers value helping clients get through financial struggles or big decisions.

“Taking on the debt can be a large burden to bear,” she said. “So many things have changed over the 13 years I’ve worked for U.S. Bank, but the core values have never changed."

To recognize the new branch and the remodeled branch U.S. Bank gave donations to some local organizations.

“I’m excited to share that we were able to give some community donations to the Arlington Community Food Bank and the Tulalip Foundation,” said Dickson.

The $2,000 going to the Tulalip Foundation is meant to support the TERO Vocational Training Center, which helps Tulalip tribal families and other Native families receive job and career training.


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