Marysville Toyota’s general managers Perry Watson, left, and Jim Colon, right, present a $2,500 check to Alex Lark, philanthropy manager with Housing Hope, at the grand opening of the new dealership on Sept. 27.

A new Toyota dealership in north Marysville held their grand opening on Sept. 27.

The Toyota location has been open since July but invited local officials to celebrate the car dealership this September.

The new business is located at 16120 Smokey Point Blvd., Marysville.

Longtime Toyota employees Jim Colon and Perry Watson will lead the new dealership as general managers of the location.

Colon and Watson worked for Toyota in corporate capacities for many years before leaving to lead a dealership, and as a result have lived in many places around the country.

“The journey to get here took me from Gary, Ind., to the inner city of Muskegon, Mich., to here, and it’s an honor to do business with my good friend Jim,” said Watson.

In 2016 Colon retired as the vice-president of African American business strategy with Toyota in order to begin work on a Marysville dealership.

The location broke ground in September last year and good weather helped complete the process in under a year.

Like other modern dealerships, Marysville Toyota is moving away from haggling and negotiation as part of their sales tactics.

“We have taken on a new sales process, we call it ‘the easy way,’” said Watson. It is a transparent way of buying a vehicle.”

Salespeople who haggle can drive away customers, said Watson.

“Jim and I really thought that we want to honor the customers who have been stressed by the traditional buying process,” he said.

There is also little reason for car salesperson to try negotiation when cell phones have provided instant access to what a car is actually selling for, said Colon.

“We’re not hiding anything, there’s no reason to. Those little things we all have in our pockets have changed the game in how we sell cars. There’s no reason not to be transparent and honorable when dealing with customers and we intend to honor that,” he said.

Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring welcomed the new car dealership to the town and said that Colon and Watson have already shown that they plan to support local efforts.

“Jim and Perry and their team have gone way beyond giving charitably to our community,” said Nehring.

Colon is already a part of the Marysville Noon Rotary Club which helps with various local service projects.

“It didn’t take him more than a short time to email me back asking ‘when can I come?’” said Nehring, who is the current president of the club.

At their grand opening Watson and Colon donated $2,500 to local housing assistance nonprofit Housing Hope.

Later in the ceremony Bob Carter, executive vice president of Toyota Motor North America, doubled that donation.

“When we got to Seattle we found there is a severe homeless population in this area,” said Watson.

“And this is just the beginning of our commitment. You are our charity of choice and we are going to work hard to raise money,” he said.

More information about the new dealership is available at

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